In last month's issue of CCT we followed along as Carmen made a one-man show out of chopping the top on his Big-Window '57 Chevrolet pickup. The key to Carmen's success was researching what he wanted to do, and then not getting in a hurry when it was time for the axe to fall. In this month's edition we're tagging along with Carmen as he shaves the driprails off, and gets the '57 just one more step closer to being the truck of his dreams. That said, there were a few nightmares along the way that Carmen uncovered, but his tried-and-true method of moving slow, and taking it all in before he made the next move paid off. So, before you guys jump out into the garage and tear into shaving your cab's driprails, take a deep breath, and don't whack too far with the first cuts, and don't get carried away with the MIG welder and warp the living snot out of things.

Harbor Freight Summit Racing
P.O. Box 909
OH  44309-0909
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