That old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is true, and when it comes to your truck's cooling system it only takes 22 ounces of radiator flush, plus a couple gallons of antifreeze to save yourself from a ton of trouble and expense in the future. Even for a classic truck that sees only a little bit of use in the summertime, and then sits parked in a warm garage all winter long is subject to extensive damage caused by rust and corrosion. Who among us at one time or another hasn't had their weekend cruise ruined because a rusted-out freeze plug let go in the hardest part to reach, or a water pump sprung a leak? Starting at the radiator, entering the engine through the aluminum thermostat housing, every metal in the entire cooling system that gets wet is subject to damage. Throw a set of aluminum alloy heads on top of a cast-iron block with an aluminum intake manifold, and that's a guarantee. In the case of an expensive engine with rare parts or even for someone who just wants to make sure their truck is ready to roll when the weather is right, flushing the cooling system and topping it off with the right concentration of antifreeze is cheap insurance. Notice we said the right concentration of antifreeze, that's because too much can be almost as harmful as not enough. Thanks to the folks at Prestone, determining whether or not your cooling system has the right amount of antifreeze coursing its veins only adds around $6.00 to the total expense. The device resembles a hydrometer used to test specific gravity in an automobile battery, and works in much the same way. The black rubber bulb is squeezed and then let go to suck in enough antifreeze to fill the tester's chamber all the way to the line at top, and then the red needle will point on the scale to indicate the reading. On one side the scale indicates the boiling point, and on the other side freezing. In addition, the Prestone tester's clear-plastic construction allows a visual inspection of the coolant to look for rust and contaminants. Indications of a rust color mixed with a pale green solution and metallic flakes means you are a neglectful owner and your truck should be taken away from you. No, we're just kidding, but it is time to do something about it before severe damage occurs, if it hasn't already.