Tin Bashing
Bodywork is one task that until now many have preferred to leave to others, but in the current economic climate, anything that'll save cash and get your project on the road can only be a good thing, and we're seeing a number of homebuilders tackling their own sheetmetal restoration. Of course, starting with the correct tools makes a big difference, and you can now source a three-piece body and fender dolly set from Sears, under the Craftsman brand name. The set contains a toe, heel, and general purpose dolly, all forged from alloy steel, with the various contours designed to handle most applications. Grab a body hammer or two and you're set!


Garage Makeover
RockSolid Floors has released the first do-it-yourself, one-coat polyurea floor coating system on the market. It's impact-resistant to floor jacks, jack stands, and vehicle traffic and impervious to hot tire pick up. It's highly chemical-resistant to oil and even DOT 3 brake fluids. Although this is a new product, RockSolid Floors is not new to polyurea floor coatings, as the kits contain the same polyurea they manufacture for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications, just with an adjusted cure rate to enable the home user to roll out the product. If you're familiar with spray-on bedliners, you're already familiar with polyurea. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, it features zero volatile organic compounds, meaning there are no restrictions limiting shipment and use. More flexible and four times stronger than epoxy paints, it won't fade or stain and doesn't include harsh solvents.

RockSolid Floors
(866) 765-4474

Lokar's new Competitor Series throttle pedal offers a number of unique features for a more comfortable driving experience, such as mounting bases that can be centered or offset vertically by an inch to position the pedal exactly where you want it, as well as an internal spanner nut to ensure perfect pedal tension. The durable 48-tooth fine spline 3/4-inch steel insert pivots also allow for extremely adjustable arms which can be moved left or right to adjust the spring loaded pedal pad.

Lokar Performance Products
(877) 469-7440

Straightening Out
If you've plumbed a truck or two from scratch you'll know that most brake or fuel line tubing is supplied in coiled form, and straightening it to run lines from front to back of the truck is usually never as satisfactory as you'd like it to be, but Classic Tube has the answer with this tube-straightener. Capable of handling lightwall tubing from 3/16- to 1/2-inch OD, it's as easy to use as clamping it in a vise, feeding the tubing in one end, and setting the tension so that straight tubing comes out the other side! Classic Tube can also supply stainless or OE steel tubing in 20-foot coils or aluminum in 25-foot coils as well as any other tubing tools you could need.

Classic Tube
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Diy Efi
While Edelbrock has been selling its Pro-Flo electronic fuel injection systems for 15 years, the new Pro-Flo XT EFI system has a more powerful ECU featuring fully sequential injection, an improved handheld tuning module for tuning without the use of a laptop computer, and wideband O2 sensor capability. Software is also included to facilitate laptop tuning should you so desire. The XT package also has a new modern intake manifold design with a 90mm front-mounted throttle body, the complete system includes the ECU, wiring harness, tuning module, all electronic sensors, fuel system components, intake manifold, injectors, fuel rails, throttle body, and software.

(310) 781-2222

Feelin' the Heat
If you run a turbo you'll know all about underhood heat, and header heat will feel like a small problem. Design Engineering has a new turbo blanket formed to fit T3 turbo housings that has an inner silica padding rated to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and three metal bosses embedded in the outer material to enable the blanket to be safely wired to the turbo. In tests with a laser heat gun during dyno pulls the blanket reduced the temperature of the turbo from 693 degrees to 260 degrees, which is obviously a huge benefit to underhood heat control. DEI has a kit that includes the blanket, a 2-x15-inch roll of titanium wrap, stainless steel ties, and safety wire for the blanket. They can also supply exhaust wrap, heat insulation pads, and spark plug wire wrap to further control engine bay heat.

Design Engineering Inc
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