Getting Tired Fast
If you like to get out and use your truck, especially long roadtrips, it may not have crossed your mind to check the speed rating of your tires. The Diamond Back AS4 is a high-performance radial that is available in 24 matching-tread sizes, in 60, 65, and 70 series, and can be ordered as a whitewall or redline. It's rated for 44 psi and T-rated for continuous running at 118 mph, with an A rating for both temperature resistance and traction, while the non-aggressive tread offers a smooth and quiet ride. Diamond Back specializes in creating custom tires to order with any sidewall treatment you may require.

Diamond Back Classics
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Foam Party
We know too many people who finish up a truck and put up with the worn-out old seats, whether they throw blankets over 'em or fit new seat covers to the tired foam. If you have a '67-87 GMC or Chevy truck Brothers can now make your life a whole lot more comfortable, literally, with replacement seat foam to replace the deteriorated or sagging original. Not only will your interior look better, but if you put any great mileage on your truck it'll be way more comfortable too. Brothers can also supply replacement seat covers for '47-91 Chevy and GMC trucks and Suburbans.

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Oil's Well That Ends Well
Commercial fleets use advanced micro-glass oil filters to extend the life of heavy-duty trucks and equipment, employing synthetic glass microfibers a tenth the size of conventional cellulose filter fibers to provide superior filtration. High-performance lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple is now bringing this technology to the passenger car market, their new oil filters combining micro-glass technology and high capacity with optimized flow characteristics for maximum performance and filter life. Each filter features and anti-drain back valve to prevent dry starts, heavy gauge steel back plate for maximum burst strength, and a stronger housing to prevent damage from road debris. Royal Purple oil filters allow change intervals to be extended up to 12,000 miles, and are currently available exclusively at Pep Boys.

Royal Purple
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Easily Led
Following hot and cold weather testing by the U.S. military, which saw 100,000 of Truck-Lite's 24-volt LED headlamps supplied to the Government, the company has now released a 12-volt 7-inch round headlamp, the only manufacturer in the world whose 7-inch LED headlamps exceed all applicable DOT requirements. LEDs offer extended life and improved energy efficiency over regular bulbs, and provide a pure white beam pattern, and improved visibility and hence safety. The Truck-Lite lamps have a hard coated polycarbonate lens to resist stone chips and scratching, with an epoxy seal for the diodes to ensure long life.

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Thrush Returns
If you've been mourning the demise of the Hush Thrush Super Turbo muffler since it was discontinued, go out and celebrate, 'cos it's back! The new Super Turbo mufflers are stamped with the vintage Thrush woodpecker logo, and feature an improved large-diameter internal tri-flow design for better flow and performance, with reversible flow chambers for easy fitment. Fourteen inches in length, the mufflers are available with 21/4-, 21/2-, or 3-inch inlet and outlet diameter, in side-center and side-side configurations.

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Got a Light?
If you have a new daily driver, you may have noticed a big difference in the headlight performance between it and your hobby truck. Chances are this is because your daily uses High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting. Street Rod Headquarters has three sets of HID Lighting Kits that replace 7- or 53/4-inch round headlights as well as two plug-and-play halogen bulb replacement kits that enable you to fit HID to your existing headlight lens, for that HID "brighter than daylight" performance, though the replacement kits are not DOT approved. HID is great for 'older' eyes, nighttime cruising, and vehicles using a bunch of electronics since it places less strain on the charging system. You can choose between clear lens, traditional-appearing lights, or unique Classic Chrome bezels with the Lighting Kits, though modification to the headlight bucket may be required.

Street Rod Headquarters
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