During the last couple of months we've been collecting polishes, waxes, and cleaners from a list of good companies to put together a toe-to-toe car wax shootout of sorts. Sometimes the best way to get a good story is to show up out of the blue, and then snoop around. It was easy to find Mothers' two big Peterbilts sporting custom-mixed BASF paints by Chris Guinn and graphics by Chip Foose, so we figured dropping in on the folks at Mothers might prove to be interesting. Sure enough, we spotted Mothers' chemist Craig Burnett putting Mothers new PowerCone through its paces on one of the Pete's 18 wheels. We'll get into a lot more detail when the shootout story hits, but in the meantime here's a few pointers Craig gave us, plus spy photos of Mothers' '59 Chevy sedan delivery getting done.