Auto-Set-And-Go MIG
Miller Electric has integrated their exclusive Auto-Set feature into the all-in-one MIG welder to create the Millermatic 212 Auto-Set. Auto-Set simplifies weld setup by automatically selecting wire feed speed and voltage once the wire diameter and material thickness are input. The 212 Auto-Set is capable of welding up to 3/8-inch mild steel in a single pass. Need more auto settings? Well, how about Line Voltage Compensation to keep the voltage output constant even if the input varies by +/- 10 percent. An angled dual-gear drive system addresses the gun cable's tendency to angle downward under gravity, eliminating wire feed friction.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co
(800) 426-4553

Ford Water Pump Riser
This new all-in-one, cast-aluminum unit from Vintage Air raises the water pump and belt-driven fan five inches to clear the frame and centers the fan behind the radiator on early Fords. The unit features new cast-in bracket bosses for alternator and compressor brackets and is designed to clear most dual four-barrel and tri-power induction systems. Accessory brackets are included with the risers. The riser fits most small-block Chevrolet and 4.3L V-6 applications and uses a '63-'75 Chevrolet six-cylinder water pump.

Vintage Air
(800) 862-6658

Make Your Bed
Mar-K Quality Parts now makes '34-'39 GM bed parts, including the '34-'36 cross sills and rear cross sill. Mar-K's rear cross sills are made like the originals and come complete with all boltholes punched. The rear cross sill includes the special mounting brackets to attach to the rear of the frame. Each of the two cross sills needed per truck are available. These, like all of Mar-K's parts, are made in Oklahoma City.

Mar-K Quality Parts
(405) 721-7945

Cabinet Appointee
Now you can have the same cabinets in your garage that the pros have used for years. Ctech Cabinets and Carts recently announced their new line of Ultra Line Garage Cabinets. Built to the same quality standards race shop owners expect, the Ultra Line cabinets feature Ctech's patented Motionlatch drawer and door handles, Gasketloc countertop system, and a 3.5-inch integrated toe kick base. Additional features include: all-aluminum construction, a radius edging on closet components and a radius bottom on wall cabinets. There are nine standard colors to choose from.

Ctech Cabinets and Carts
(715) 355-8842

Designed to fit where other fans cannot, the Side Winder electric cooling fan features a low-profile design that is only 1-5/8 inches deep at the center of the fan. It delivers over 2,400 cfm of cooling power and yet offers very quiet operation. The Side Winder can be rotated up to 360 degrees, allowing for the best mounting position. This makes it easy to install and fit in very tight places, permitting more room for installation of water pumps and pulleys.

The Fanman
(866) 435-6477