Juke Box Hinges
Long awaited and now available, Chevs of the 40's offers new '39-'46 Chevrolet truck upper and lower door hinges. No more hunting swap meets and salvage yards only to find not-so-great, used hinges. Each set comes with two hinges, one upper and one lower. The hinges will fit either the left or right door so there's only one part number needed to outfit both doors

Chevs of the 40's
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Gas on the Go
Making it easier to take your MIG welder where you need it, Hobart Welding Products has introduced their Portable CO2 Cylinder Kit. The cylinder is a compact 20 ounces and drastically improves the portability of small MIG welders. Hobart claims a full CO2 cylinder will provide roughly 40 minutes of continuous arc time on mild steel. The kit can be mounted on Hobart's Handler 140, 187, and 210 models, and also can be adapted to fit many other popular MIG welders. This paintball cylinder design is affordable and convenient, and can be filled at most sporting goods stores.

Hobart Welding Products
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They are used on engines in NHRA and NASCAR, so they should be plenty stout for your classic truck engine as well. Fram Racing Oil Filters offer nine filter models to meet the needs of racing mechanics, engine builders, and enthusiasts everywhere. What makes these special is that the media inside a Fram Racing filter is modified to create low restriction with high flow rates. In addition, the filters feature a spiral-wound centertube to protect against collapse, a heavy-gauge steel tapping plate to withstand high-pressure flexing, a relief valve designed to handle the extreme conditions of a race environment, and a unique screen over the bypass valve to provide protection from larger particles of dirt.

Fram Oil Filters
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Snake Head
Get modern serpentine belt reliability and "no-slip" operation for your Ford flathead-powered truck with this highly stylized conversion kit from March Performance. With inward-mounted alternator and A/C brackets this compact kit fits nicely under tall hoods. The kit includes a 105-amp alternator, pulley, and nose cover; two (45- and 90-degree) water pumps; Sanden A/C compressor and nose cover; two idlers; crank pulley; and all the brackets and hardware needed to install it onto the front of your flathead Ford. Kits with power steering are also available and come with a Corvette Type 3 pump, pulley with nose cover, and bracket and hardware.

March Performance Inc.
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Plasma Cutting/Welding Helmet
Looking for an affordable welding helmet with outstanding quality and performance? If the answer is yes, then look no further than the new auto-darkening Striker CF Helmet from HTP America. The helmet boasts a 1.75x3.75-inch viewing area that allows you to easily see what you are working on and it darkens super fast (from light to dark in 1/25,000th of a second). The Striker CF is suitable for both MIG and TIG welding, and also has a plasma cutting feature. The Striker CF has the ability to lock the lens in the light state, which still offers full UV and IR protection and lets you see what you are cutting. Plus, the CF is solar powered (powered by the welding arc), so you don't have to turn it on or purchase batteries for it.

HTP America, Inc.
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Bustin' Loose
Free All penetrating oil now comes in an attractive, ergonomic "bullet" style can that helps you keep hold of it and includes a special straw-style applicator to help get the oil where you want it. Free All utilizes a proven formula that quickly and easily dissolves rust and corrosion and prevents the need for torching, drilling, hammering, or chiseling to free frozen fasteners or parts. And unlike other formulas, Free All's silicone-free penetrant won't damage painted surfaces.

Free All
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