All-Steel Chev Hood
Chevs of the 40's now has the missing link to keep your truck all steel. Designed to fit '47-55 Chevy trucks, this two-piece hood will keep you out of the salvage yards and get you into the paint booth. This new die-stamped, sheetmetal product has an EDP coating to keep it free of rust and corrosion and includes correct mounting points to add your hardware. Comes assembled and includes underhood bracing, upper hood latch pin, and support.

Chevs of the 40's
(800) 999-CHEV (2438)

Shiny Devils
Demon Carburetion, a Barry Grant company, announces its new Chrome-Plated Float Bowl kits for Demon Carburetors. These chrome beauties are sold as a pair with all of the necessary gaskets included for installation. The show-quality, chrome-plated bowls will make a great upgrade to most Demon carburetors, as well as add a touch of class and individuality.

Barry Grant, Inc.
(706) 864-8544

Vintage Ford Hubcaps
Everyone knows that the wheels say a lot about your vehicle. That's why Stockton Wheel Service carries a complete line of reproduction, vintage Ford hubcaps. The Ford-licensed reproductions of the originals come in a variety of styles, from vintage "V8," to '40s and '50s Ford logo caps, the classic "smoothie," and more. Depending on the model, you can choose from either a chromed or polished stainless steel finish. The hubcaps will fit original 14- and 15-inch wheels, or on any of Stockton Wheels' custom rally steel wheels up to 17 inches, and are also available for custom wider-width wheels.

Stockton Wheel Service
(800) 395-9433

Southwestern-Style Seat Covers
Coverking's Saddle Blanket Seat Covers raise the bar for quality, fit, and style. These seat covers can protect new seats; cover existing upholstery damage; and prevent future damage caused by dirt, water, UV rays, and everyday wear and tear. Made with heavy-duty polyester Saddle Blanket material backed with a water-resistant coating they are sure to last a long time. There are 20 different color (including black, tan, wine, and dark blue) and style combinations to create that perfect "Wild West" feel to your classic truck's interior.

(714) 850-0303

Poncho Timing Cover
If you are one of the dare-to-be-different types and have installed a '69-79 Pontiac 350/400/455 V-8 under the hood of your classic truck and are looking for a timing chain cover, then you need to contact EngineQuest. Their new timing chain cover is made from cast aluminum and comes complete with a water pump divider plate and two coolant inserts. It will bolt onto all Pontiac engines of this vintage, except the 4.9L 301ci engine. The cover is designed to be an exact OE replacement in fit, form, and function.

(800) 426-8771 Ext. 212

Weber Carb Bumpstick
Inglese announces the creation of 16 hydraulic roller cams for Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler engines equipped with their Weber induction system. Working closely with the Comp Cams engineering staff, the cams are designed to enhance power and driveability. The key ingredients to delivering peak performance are the strong vacuum and signal they create. These cams are available in two performance levels for each platform, including four popular Ford, small- and big-block Chevrolet, and small-block Chrysler engines.

(866) 450-8090