Rally Ho!
New from Stockton Wheel Service are Chevy Rally Wheel reproduction caps. Stockton's Rally Wheel caps come in either a chromed or polished stainless steel finish. The caps are officially licensed by GM, and each feature the correct OEM logos and/or ribs just like the originals. The caps fit any original wheel, or one of Stockton Wheel's 14, 15, 16, and 17-inch GM Rally Wheels-for enthusiasts running larger and wider tire sizes.
Stockton Wheel Service
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Lid Down Please
Gaylord's manufactures high-quality truck lids for your favorite classic truck. The lids are made from durable composite fiberglass which is steel reinforced. They are easy to install or remove, and will add a finishing touch to your classic. Features include a secure locking system, clamp on mounting, double weather seal, and dual heavy-duty gas struts for ease of opening and closing. Gaylord's offer lids to outfit a variety of trucks, including '47-09 Chevys, '53-09 Fords, '64-87 El Caminos, and '70-79 Rancheros.
(562) 529-7543

High Energy
Specialty Auto Parts, USA, Inc. has released new Chevy HEI distributors. These all-new HEI distributors feature sintered steel weights, withstanding 270-newtons minimum for maximum durability, and a validated harness and capacitor for reliable energy flow. Fine-tuning is accomplished with an adjustable vacuum advance with weight springs made from stress-relieved music wire to assure a blueprinted curve. Other features include a high-performance module for maximum spark intensity, low-friction cam with tight tolerance, precisely installed Bronze sintered bushings, and a durable coated shaft for reliable energy transfer and trouble-free performance.
Specialty Auto Parts, USA, Inc.
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Goin' Pro
Juliano's has released the Pro Clamp, an innovative muffler clamp. The Pro Clamp is a bolt-on clamp to piece together exhaust systems with no welding required. The sleeve nut sucks everything together tightly for a safe connection without any type of gasket, and best of all, you can dismantle it if you need to-without cutting it apart. The Pro Clamp is made from 304 stainless, available either satin or polished, and is available for 2-inch through 2 1/2-inch exhaust systems. Juliano's is also working on larger clamps for larger diameter exhaust applications.
(800) 300-1932