For some reason many feel that painting your own truck is some sort of skill that can't be overcome by a home builder. But like so many other faux pas, that statement simply isn't true. In years past, that statement may have held water, but with today's technologies of paint and equipment, any DIY builder is capable of laying down a paintjob that won't leave them only taking their truck out at night.

One company that is making show-quality paintjobs done at home a reality is the Eastwood Company. They have developed a full line of painting materials and equipment to finish the job from A to Z. Some of their latest accomplishments are creating user-friendly paints, and an ever so important paint gun, that is versatile, simple stupid and solvent/waterborne compliant.

The new Eastwood Concourse HVLP gravity fed paint gun is a dual action paint gun that can spray both solvent and waterborne paints. It is an aluminum-bodied gun featuring blue-anodized knobs for comfort and long-lasting durability. Making it waterborne compatible is the fact it features stainless steel construction as well. The needle/nozzle and passages are constructed of stainless steel making it compatible with both solvent and waterborne coatings. Because the gun is an HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) it only requires 4 cfm @ 29 psi, which makes it suitable for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers at home with smaller personal garage air compressors. The Eastwood Concourse gun includes a general 1.2 tip, 600cc cup, tool kit, and -inch NPT connection. However, other tips and accessories are available for the gun through Eastwood. As for paint, Eastwood has a line of single-stage acrylic urethane paints, perfect for the DIY enthusiast. Not only are these show-quality single-stage paints easy to use, but the colors are killer as well--especially the metallics we used during this story. Eastwood also carries all other necessary items to do a complete paintjob, including primers, prep materials, finish materials, and the like.

To show that painting is a feasible task that can be picked up by anyone, we shot down to custom painter Jeff Styles' place of business for a lesson in the ways of paint. We took the user-friendly Eastwood paints and Concourse gun with us just to show how easy, and doable, it is for any average Joe to master the ways of auto painting.