Goin' On A Bender
While Classic Tube has a library of over 20,000 pre-bent tubing patterns, they recognize the needs of the dedicated do-it-yourselfer. Now you can create your own brake, fuel, transmission, vacuum or hydraulic lines with their bulk stainless steel, or original equipment, steel tubing coils. Classic Tube's stainless steel tube is double annealed SAE 304-grade, which is easy to flare and bend. The OE steel is an annealed cold-rolled, low-carbon continuously welded tube. While stainless steel is impervious to weather, the OE steel is protected with a two part Galfan galvanizing with a topcoat of an aluminum rich epoxy. All tubing conforms to SAE J526 specifications for single wall, and SAEJ527 for double wall, double weld. Color coded SAE or Metric end fittings, in steel or stainless steel, are machined to SAE J512 specs. Available in 20-foot rolls, the stainless comes in 1/8-1/2-inch OD, while the OE steel comes in 1/4-3/8-inch OD.

Classic Tube
(800) 882-3711

Light 'Em Up
Mar-K now makes billet lights that are universal for nearly any year/make/model truck. Great for flat panel areas anywhere, the new light fits in a 1 1/4-inch diameter hole. It requires 2 1/2 inches of depth behind the light for wiring. The Mar-K billet light kit includes the retention ring and instructions. It is available with red, amber, or white 12-volt LED lights, or red or amber standard 12-volt lights.

Mar-K Quality Parts
(405) 721-7945

Beat Heat
HTP America announces its new, reformulated Super Heat Sponge. Applied to the weld area, new HTP Super Heat Sponge absorbs heat and provides a strong protective barrier, effectively stopping the damage--including broken glass, discoloration and distortion on lightweight metal--that can often result from excessive heat. Super Heat Sponge also protects against damage resulting from weld spatter. Another benefit of Super Heat Sponge is its extreme ease of use. Once it's spread around the work area; welding, brazing, or soldering can start. Super Heat Sponge immediately begins soaking up the dangerous heat next to the work. The paste becomes dried out in the heat exchange and the metal is protected from excessive heat. Super Heat Sponge is reusable and can be used any number of times. Simply wipe it off and put it back in the can. HTP Super Heat Sponge also works for lead applications near gaskets or windows. What's more, it can be used vertically, horizontally, or overhead. Not to mention it is non-toxic, safe for all skin contact, and produces no odor.

HTP America, Inc.
(800) 873-9353

Bumped Off
Brothers carry a wide assortment of '47-87 Chevrolet and GMC truck parts, including bumpers for all years. When it comes to bumpers, Brothers carries only the highest quality premium triple chrome-plated bumpers that produce a perfect fit, and lasting durability. They also guarantee all their bumpers with a lifetime warranty against defects in material and craftsmanship.

(951) 808-9790

Full Throttle
Lokar has launched their new Competitor Series Throttle Assemblies. Designed with a unique internal spanner nut, ensuring perfect pedal tension, this pedal is in a class of its own. By adding this built-in tensioning feature, they have eliminated the possibility of excess "slop" in the throttle pedal. Another feature to the Competitor Series Throttle Pedal is its incredibly sturdy mounting base. The design of this pedal has enabled Lokar to provide over a 1 1/4-inch wide mounting base, yet maintain a narrow and sleek appearance. If that weren't enough, the mounting base is available in either a centered or an offset version, which will raise or lower the center of the throttle assembly an entire inch. The Competitor Series Throttle Assemblies also feature Lokar's exclusive large diameter 3/4-inch x 48-tooth fine-spline steel insert to provide the ultimate in strength and durability. This also allows for infinitely adjustable arms, which can also be swapped for right and left adjustment of the throttle pad. Also included is a spring-loaded throttle pad and Delrin bushings.

Lokar Performance Products
(877) 469-7440

As-cast Meets CNC
Edelbrock's new RPM Xtreme cylinder heads for GM LT1/LT4 engines offer the best combination of as-cast port design and custom CNC porting technology. By blending the affordability of as-cast ports with custom CNC porting in the critical areas (combustion chambers, intake entry, exhaust exit, and intake/exhaust bowls), Edelbrock engineers are able to improve airflow and overall performance. Additional features include LS1 valves and conical springs for improved airflow and high-rpm valvetrain stability. This proven combination yields a powerful cylinder head at a lower cost than typical fully CNC'd heads. The new heads are available complete, or as machined casting minus valves and springs.

(800) 416-8628

Drop It Like It's Hot
Speedway Motors now offers a Chevy pickup dropped axle for '47-54 trucks that makes it easy and affordable to get your truck in the weeds. This dropped axle is designed to lower the front suspension approximately 3 inches to give your truck a stunning profile without affecting its ride quality. Built with a strong 2-inch DOM tubing center, and machined billet steel ends, this tough axle accepts stock-style kingpins and spindles with some slight modifying of the steering arms and tie rod assembly.

Speedway Motors
(800) 979-0122

Fire And Ice
Southern Rods and Parts and Southern Air have announced new advancements in their Maxi Cooler series of heat, air conditioning, and defrost units. First off, is the all new three water electric water valve that allows for the perfect mix of hot water, for the perfect temperature setting. Second, is the Magic Button that allows for the compressor to be engaged, or disengaged, in any of the settings. Finally, there are the super-efficient air conditioning and heater cores that allow the units to get colder and hotter than previously. The new Maxi Cooler 2 unit is a perfect fit for any custom truck.

Southern Rods
(800) 787-8763

A Bow Tie Affair
Specialty Auto has released their all-new, slant-edge die-cast aluminum covers, which have been licensed by GM Performance Parts to carry the Bow Tie and Chevrolet name. Specialty Auto Parts' stylish, but aggressive-looking, valve covers fit any Chevy small-block from '58-86, and are available in black crinkle, polished, chrome, metallic gray, or Chevy Orange. They also feature raised or recessed logo styles. The design also allows for the use of larger rockers, and the covers include an OE-style oil baffle. The breather grommet is supplied with each cover, and a no-emblem highly polished slant-edge version is also available.

Specialty Auto Parts, USA, Inc.
(586) 774-2500

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