The Thorbecke Brothers
The Thorbecke Brothers have released a raised replacement front crossmember for '63-87 Chevy trucks. This heavy-duty crossmember bolts into place using the existing factory mounting locations and has eliminated the need to Z-notch your frame in order to lay out flat. Other features include: narrowing your stance by 2 1/4-inches, switching from the traditional steering box to a more responsive Mustang rack-and-pinion system, and the option to use factory control arms or Thorbecke Brothers tubular control arms. This kit was designed to be able to lay frame on a 22-inch wheel with a tire height of 29.5 inches.

Thorbecke Brothers
(812) 782-3581

Heidt's Hot Rod Shop
Heidt's Hot Rod Shop offers their Superride II IFS for '47-59 Chevys and '35-56 Fords. The Superride II uses a unique Heidt's geometry design very similar to the Mustang II, which works well on the classic trucks. The Superride II IFS uses Heidt's one-piece crossmember with Mustang II dropped spindles to allow for a front-mount rack-and-pinion unit, to ease motor installation. The upper control arms use threaded adjusters for the wheel alignment. Unlike eccentric adjusters, these threaded adjusters will never "slip" and lose alignment no matter how big a bump you hit. The Heidt's setup allows for a smooth, very low and highly steerable ride with no bumpsteer and built-in anti-dive. Also included in the setup are disc brakes and coilover shocks.

Heidt's Hot Rod Shop
(800) 841-8188

Fatman Fabrications
Superior ride quality and traction is easily accomplished with Fatman's Rear Pro Link Four Bar kit. The kit is an exceptionally clean weld-in installation that provides top notch appearance and handling. Nearly any axle can be used and the kit comes with chrome coilover shocks standard. Not to mention, stainless bars and hardware are an option as well. Because of the versatility of the four bar, and the width of the coilovers, the Fatman Rear Pro Link Four Bar kit will work with all make and model trucks ranging from 1935 and on up into the 1980's.

Fatman Fabrications
(704) 5445-0369

Early Classic Enterprises
Early Classic Enterprises combines their Extreme Drop Crossmember with their heavy-duty '60-72 replacement trailing arms for the perfect solution to drop your truck. The crossmember provides additional 2.5 inches of ground clearance, thru-frame exhaust passage, and a raised driveline loop. It is formed from 1/4-inch laser-cut steel, making it stronger and more functional than the factory unit it replaces. The trailing arms boast rectangular heavy-wall, one-piece construction and are engineered to handle some serious horsepower. These heavy-duty replacements are supplied with new U-bolts, coil spring retainers, polygraphite bushings, integrated emergency brake cable bracket, and all necessary hardware. This ultra-clean looking American-made assembly is designed to install in the original location without modification, and is powdercoated black for a rust-free service.

Early Classic Enterprises, Inc.
(888) 777-0395

Kugel Komponents
Kugel Komponents manufactures their design IFS and IRS systems. Their IFS systems are their own design, which means they are not a takeoff of a Mustang or Camaro frontend. They make all their own cast stainless spindle assemblies and their own cast, or fabricated, A-arms. All of their suspensions come complete with crossmembers, rack-and-pinion steering, and sway bars. They are designed for any model truck from 1928 and on into the '60's. Custom applications are available in either standard or heavy-duty suspensions as well. Their IRS design is based from Jaguar, but features all new components. The IRS starts with a Ford 9-inch third member, and Kugel's own cast-aluminum housing, which varies between two styles. Also included are: Corvette bearing assemblies, their own cast-aluminum hub uprights, either cast stainless control arms or fabrication tube control arms (stainless steel or mild steel), two or four coilover shock design, and inboard brakes.

Kugel Komponents
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