No Limit Engineering has been manufacturing hot rod parts and accessories for more than 20 years. One of their more popular items is the flipped hood kit. No Limit offers flipped hood kits for a variety of classic trucks, including '53-56 Fords and '55-57 Chevys. Along with those applications, No Limit also offers a kit that has flown beneath the radar, in terms of coverage, for '47-54 Chevys.

Although the kit has been around for some time now, there has never been any editorial coverage on the kit anywhere; at least that we can find. That means not too many know of its existence, a true diamond in the rough if you will. Like the other No Limit flipped hood kits, this '47-54 Chevy truck kit has been specifically engineered and designed to fit this model truck. The kit isn't a universal system that leaves the R&D to the costumer. Instead, it is a true bolt-on (a few holes do need to be drilled) installation; a simple installation at that. The kit is constructed from all new parts that include laser-cut steel hinges and various other components. As for the tracks, they are CNC-machined from aluminum for precise fit and function. Even the rollers are constructed from durable, yet smooth and efficient, aluminum. The kit is also available with several options; because one can order a bare bones package that comes unfinished, or an optional chrome version is up for grabs as well.

When installing the No Limit flipped hood kit, it replaces all of the working hood components, besides the latch. The actual install time isn't much more than a couple of hours, but like any sheetmetal modification, the true hours of labor are in alignment and fitment. The kit is adjustable to accommodate alignment from side-to-side, and front to back, however, it may take a few turns of the wheel to get things steered down the right track. We headed out to No Limit Engineering's headquarters, in San Bernardino, California, to follow along with No Limit technician Mike Mobley as he slapped one of these "previously unknown" kits on a '54 Chevy.