Clean Hidden

New from Mar-K are hidden tailgate latches specially made for stock Dodge '53-85 Highside Stepside tailgates. These hidden tailgate latches are designed to fit in the tailgate end structure, so that only the knob is visible on the inside of the tailgate. These spring-loaded latches have the unique Mar-K latching system that allows them to stay in the open position for convenience. This latch can also be used in conjunction with Mar-K's tailgate link assemblies that eliminate the original tailgate chains, and provide a smooth custom look to the tailgate area.

MAR-K Quality Parts
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Vaporize Vapor Lock

Race Pumps regulators are now available with an optional idle bleed to prevent vapor lock with today's fuels. The idle bleed is simply a -4 (1/4-inch) AN fitting that installs in the side of a Race Pumps regulator to return fuel to the tank. The carbureted versions have a #70 Holley jet installed to meter the flow and the EFI versions have a #40 Holley jet.

Race Pumps
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Grip It And Rip
Keisler Engineering now has a complete custom hydraulic system with master cylinder, hydraulic bearing, and all of the installation parts you need to replace the antiquated mechanical linkage, fork, and throwout bearing. The Keisler Hydraulic Clutch system is engineered to use the factory clutch pedal, but can work with aftermarket pedals having integrated master cylinders. The new Keisler Hydraulic Clutch Kit features a proprietary OEM design hydraulic release bearing rated for 7,000 rpm, 1 million cycles durability, single high-pressure stainless flexible line high with integrated bleeder, forged aluminum housing, silicon dust boot, piston wiper seals, and blow-out stop protection. Keisler has also redesigned the master cylinder portion of the kit, which now includes a Wilwood pressure die-cast master cylinder and Keisler vehicle-specific clutch pedal installation mounting kit.

Keisler Engineering
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The Cooler

Dakota Digital has introduced the PAC-2700 Electric Fan Controller. The PAC-2700 was designed for the ultimate in flexibility, and to be a simple add-on in any application using an electric fan. Fully programmable, the PAC-2700 will work with your existing water temp gauge, operating from the temperature sending unit already installed. A dedicated sending unit can be installed for applications without a water temp gauge.

The PAC-2700 also features fully programmable "fan on" and "fan off" temperatures to suit any application, or personal preferences. Not to mention, the PAC-2700 has the capability to leave the electric fan operating after the engine has been shut down for a user-adjustable time, and it has a full digital LED readout for displaying temperature readings. Included in the kit is a 70-amp relay.

Dakota Digital
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Line Drive

Al's Liner has announced its new acrylic/polyurethane do-it-yourself bed liner coating system. The new liner is a urethane coating that can be sprayed right at home. This system is not reduced, which is why it must be spray applied, unlike many roll-on coatings. Al's provides the ability to apply it as thick, or as thin as you like, with a variety of textures and colors of your choice. The liner is also great for undercoating, interior coating, chassis lining or just general applications around the shop.

Al's Liner
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