Newman Car Creations incorporates modern suspension technologies into classic trucks-specifically '55-59 Chevy and '53-56 Ford trucks-by fabricating chassis to except late-model Corvette suspension. They accomplish this by starting with an oversized boxed framerail that has been purpose built and contoured for maximum rigidity, while keeping safety at the top of their list. The aluminum-intensive Corvette suspension is the core of Newman Car Creations conversion. By using the stock geometry of the Corvette suspension, they are able to take advantage of GM's multi-million dollar research and development effort that delivers the well-mannered and performance-based ride you will experience. Newman Car Creations also utilizes mono leaf springs to cut down on unsprung weight, and proper use of C4 suspension, as well as a Dana 44 differential housing and cover. Newman also gives customers the option to run any motor and transmission with specific mounting pads for each setup.

Newman Car Creations
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Chevs Of The 40's specializes in '37-54 Chevrolet cars and trucks. In the midst of their vast assortment of parts and accessories, you'll find direct replacement chassis for '47-53. The Chevs of the 40's chassis feature new rails and a full Heidts frontend setup, which includes Heidts Mustang II crossmember, Heidts Tubular A-arms, 11-inch vented rotors, calipers, and spindles. Out back the chassis feature a Ford 9-inch rearend-with axles-and a parallel rear leaf-spring kit. The chassis also come complete with a tubular "K" member, motor mounts, brake pedal with power booster and master cylinder, transmission mounts, and manual rack-and-pinion. Options include body mounts, running board mounts, battery tray, brake lines, powdercoating, and a power rack-and-pinion.

Chevs of the 40's
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Street Rod Engineering has been manufacturing custom frames and chassis for classic trucks for 20 years. Among that group are chassis for '48-52 Ford F-1 trucks. The Street Rod Engineering chassis are fully boxed and have tubular crossmembers. They're also TIG welded together for strength and looks. The chassis feature a solid axle out back, with either four-link or trailing arm-type rear suspension, and Mustang II front suspension. Chassis are custom built to order, so a buyer can specify exactly how they want it built. Street Rod Engineering also offers chrome, stainless steel, and powdercoating options. They also give customers several steering and brake options, including the entire Wilwood brake lineup. Also available is a coilover or air-ride suspension option.

Street Rod Engineering, Inc.
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