Winter's here and the time is right for working in the garage - if you can brave the cold, that is. In the same way radiant heat goes right to the bone, so does a frigid chill.

If you are like the majority of Custom Classic Trucks' readers, you are a hands-on kind of guy, but when it comes to getting up the ambition to go out in the garage and tackle a project after working all day to make a living, an unpleasant shop environment can kill the urge. On the flipside, having a really neat place to hang out and get down to the business of readying your classic truck for next year's show season can be a real inspiration.

All by myself, it took less than an hour for me to roll out a vinyl G-Floor from the folks at Better Life Technology of Lenexa, Kansas (also home for LMC Truck and Procharger) and be able to enjoy cushioned comfort, reduced noise, better reflective light, and perhaps best of all, a warm place to work. The trick to installing a 10x22-foot roll of G-Floor was to arrange a homemade lowboy dolly under the center of the roll and then easily transport it from where the delivery truck had dropped it. Before positioning the G-Floor into place, I swept the floor, and then spot-cleaned the cement slab with solvent. Next, I wheeled the G-Floor into position, yanked out the dolly and then, bingo-bango, completely unrolled it. These photos were taken right after the G-Floor was installed. The very next day laying flat overnight allowed the vinyl G-Floor to relax and smooth out like a fried buttermilk pancake under a warm electric blanket.

Better Life Technology
(913) 894-0403