When it comes to searching for a new set of custom wheels, life can be pretty easy for the folks that own a garden-variety Ford or Chevrolet pickup set up the usual way. Throw in a few modifications like a Volare frontend with its oddball bolt pattern or putting big brakes behind six-lug wheels and things can begin to get a little complicated.

Such was the case when we wanted to find a set of 17-inch steel wheels to enable us to run high-performance Yokohama Geolanders on our '86 Dodge project. From its first appearance in CCT where it was introduced to readers as the High School Custom, the Dodge has gone through several transformations. In the July 2008 issue we said the High School Custom had gone to college where readers got to view the Dodge in bare metal as the students of Riverside City College, in Riverside, California, handled the bodywork necessary to bring the Dodge closer to how it appears in the concept illustration depicted in the story.

For those unfamiliar with the Dodge's new look, in addition to a factory R/T graphics theme, the '86 will be sporting 17-inch wheels with Dodge dog dish-style hubcaps. Needless to say, finding a set of 17-inch steel wheels set up to handle mounting stock dog dishes was not going to be an easy task. This is where the crew at Stockton Wheel Service in Stockton, California, entered the picture.

Founded in 1883, Stockton Wheel Service is kind of like the Forrest Gump of the wheelwright industry. From its earliest beginnings as a manufacturing arm for Holt tractors the company has focused on producing specialized applications throughout its history. Just two of many notable instances were the Stockton wheels used to transport the space shuttle to the launching pad, and on the custom-built Ford F-600 truck that was used to haul former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to the gallows.

Ordering the custom-built steel wheels was a simple task thanks to Stockton Wheel Service's owner Frank Mauro, and his many years of experience. After the bolt pattern, Frank asked what size our Yokohama tires were going to be, and if the truck was going to be lowered, and then knew exactly what our backspacing needed to be. At Frank's invitation we traveled to Stockton to watch our wheels being built, and take in the vibes from Stockton Wheel Service's historic building, located mere blocks from where the company started in 1883.

Stockton Wheel Service
(800) 395-9433
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(714) 484-0904
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