Back In Black
Every hot rodder knows that when it comes to valve covers, appearance is king. And when it came to designing a custom valve cover for the ultra-bad Edelbrock 555ci/650hp crate motor, the Victor series valve cover was born. Due to the attention received from that crate motor, Edelbrock is now offering the valve covers for small-block Ford, small-block Chevy (standard and center-bolt), and big-block Chevy engines. The covers are manufactured of die-cast aluminum and they're coated with a textured black powdercoating. The Edelbrock Racing logo is laser engraved for a sinister, yet sophisticated style that screams performance. Complementary black breathers and an air cleaner are also available.

800) 416-8628

Plug It In
Plugging an LS motor into an older truck is not only a step up in power, but the newer LS-series engines run cleaner, more reliably, and more fuel efficient than the small-block Chevy engines of yesteryear. Trans-Dapt Performance Products realizes the popularity of this swap, and has created an extensive line of products that take some of the headache out of performing the transplant. One product in the lineup is this new LS engine motor-mount kit. The kit comes complete with sturdy 5/16-inch-thick adapter plates, mounting hardware, and a fresh pair of mount pads that bolt directly to the factory perches. If you already have your own set of pads, Trans-Dapt also offers a kit without pads.

Trans-Dapt Performance Products
(562) 921-0404

Return To Sender
Quick Fuel Technology has released this new Fuel Line/By-Pass Regulator combination. This new product is designed to keep fuel cool by constantly flowing it through the lines. The QFT Fuel Line/By-Pass Regulator kit works with most 4150-style carbs and requires a fuel return line. Installing the QFT bypass regulator helps prevent vapor lock and erratic throttle response during stop-and-go driving. The return line attaches to the bottom of the fuel regulator and should return to the top of the fuel tank. The return line needs to be the same size as the feed line. At idle, fuel demand is at it lowest, but the fuel pump continues to operate. If you have an electric fuel pump located near the tank, it applies pressure to the entire fuel line, raising the temperature of the fuel. The line continues to soak up heat and as the fuel reaches the carburetor it turns into foam and vapor, resulting in poor performance. By circulating the fuel back to the tank via the new Fuel Line/By-Pass Regulator, the fuel never sits inside the fuel inlet line, where excessive heat can cause fuel delivery problems.

Quick Fuel Technology
(270) 793-0900

Rockin' Down The Highway
Boze Alloys has just introduced the new billet iPod case for the Video and Nano Apple iPod models. This case is made from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum and CNC machined to the highest quality. This beautiful and bulletproof case is polished to a high-luster finish, and built to take the bumps while keeping the iPod cranking out the tunes. The iPod case is very lightweight, (2oz - 5oz) so it makes it easy to take with you to the gym or on that daily drive. As an added bonus one can clip the iPod case to you, or the dashboard.

Boze Alloys
(866) 634-4626

Power Up
New from Performance Online Inc. is their lightweight aluminum metric caliper, part of their Power Regulator Series. POL's calipers are completely redesigned and made to replace the popular small GM metric (S-10/Camaro) caliper. The new caliper has many improvements, such as aluminum construction for lighter weight and quicker heat dispersement, trick-looking casting for better appearance (polished shown), and a redesigned construction for greater strength. The caliper also features a unique bore design that allows the caliper to be used in extreme conditions, including sportsman circle track, autocross, and drag racing. POL's calipers are all new and come loaded with standard D154 pads. These calipers can replace D154 type calipers, ('78-88 midsize GM and '83-02 S-10 trucks) used on many IFS and Mustang II conversions.

Performance Online Inc.
(800) 638-1703

Rock It With Rocket
Rocket Performance Machine, Inc. has launched their new Rocket Racing Wheels. The first Rocket Racing Wheel is the Rocket Fuel Gray, featuring timeless traditional styling, modern engineering, and a surprisingly affordable price tag. The RPM wheels are available in a variety of sizes for popular trucks. The Rocket Fuel Gray is available in 15-inch and 17-inch diameters, with a variety of width and backspacing options.

Rocket Performance Machine, Inc.
(888) 307-7525

The Navigator
Flaming River has announced their latest steering wheel, the Navigator. This new wheel is an elegant blending of three favorite wheel materials: polished aluminum, mahogany, and classic leather. The Navigator uses a contemporary version of the three-spoke design, surrounded with a combination of mahogany and Italian leather in either black, light gray, or light tan. The wheel has a comfortable 13.8-inch diameter with a slight, 11/4-inch dish. The grip features a unique pairing of a leather outer edge with a wood inner half. The polished, paired spokes are located with 120 degrees of separation. The horn button is included, and further enhances the theme with a mahogany inlay in the hub. The Navigator wheel requires a steering-wheel adapter to mount to Flaming River columns or to a factory GM column.

Flaming River
(800) 648-8022

Out Of Sight
Mar-K now makes Chevrolet and GMC Stepside tailgates modified with hidden latches and link assemblies. These quality tailgates are available with or without the script for '47-87 GM Stepsides. They're also available smooth or with an embossed Bowtie for '40-53 GM Stepsides. The latches are installed in the top roll of the tailgate with only the knob visible on the inside. These spring-loaded latches also have the unique Mar-K latching system, which allows them to stay in the open position for convenience. The durable link assemblies fold out of the way inside the tailgate end when the tailgate is closed, and they hold the tailgate level when it is opened. Each tailgate is made from 16-gauge electro-galvanized steel in Oklahoma City. Included with the tailgate is a customizing kit to convert stock bed sides to work with the hidden latches and links. In addition, Mar-K's bedsides are also available with the upgrade to work with these tailgates.

Mar-K Quality Parts
(405) 721-7945

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another
New from TCI Automotive is their Paddle Shifter. The Paddle Shifter is designed to work with any automatic four- or five-speed transmission controlled by the TCI Automotive Transmission Control Unit. The TCI Automotive Paddle Shifter communicates to the Transmission Control Unit through a wireless CAN signal, with no worries about signal interference, lag time, or disruption. The steering-wheel-mounted unit operates by slim, 1/2-inch-thick paddle shifters, which instantly instruct the transmission to your gear of choice without delay. This shifter fits all five- and six-bolt aftermarket steering wheels, and ships complete with several spacers of varying widths, allowing you to set the steering wheel location for your personal preference. Additionally, this unit incorporates a modern digital readout that never leaves the driver guessing as to what gear they're in. Power for the TCI Automotive Paddle Shifter System comes from the horn button relay, rather than from batteries that must be replaced frequently.

TCI Automotive
(888) 776-9824

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