When it comes to my tastes in trucks, I like 'em as custom as custom gets. (As if I haven't already made that abundantly clear over the past few years.) That's why when it comes to building my own personal truck, Project Get Shorty, there isn't a panel on it that hasn't come face-to-face with the torch. However, when it comes to customizing, some areas are out of my jurisdiction, due to machinery, tools, equipment, and so on and so forth. For instance, I can't whittle out a set of custom one-off wheels. Nor can I whip up a set of custom pulleys for an engine. Yet, luckily there are companies out there that do have the know-how and technology to build anyone custom parts and accessories.

When it comes to the interior of Shorty, it too will be to my likings, custom. The dash, door panels, steering wheel, and even the seats will all be unique to the '71. To kick-start the customization of the interior, the first step is to get the dash in order. Instead of keeping things stock, such as the instrument cluster and accessory controls, the dash will get a So-Cal Speed Shop Auburn insert installed smack dab in the middle. At the bottom of the insert will be the ignition, headlight, and wiper switches. However, it's not the So-Cal insert that will highlight the dash. Instead, it will be what is inside the insert that really sets things off.

Speaking of off limits, another area that is out of one's jurisdiction, in terms of customizing, is gauges. When it comes to gauges one is pretty much stuck picking one of the many designs offered in the aftermarket. Actually, let's put things in reverse, that's how it used to be. Nowadays, one can give renowned gauge gurus, Classic Instruments, a call and they will build you a set of gauges to suit your ride. Whether you want Classic to change fonts, colors, insets, and more on a set of existing gauges offered or build you a set of retrofitted gauges, in the vein of old factory gauges, it's all doable. However, all of that is only a teaser. For those looking to go full bore, Classic will build anyone a set of custom gauges per one's design and direction. And when we say design and direction, we mean that to the fullest, because there are pretty much no restraints on what one can do. Basically it's Field Of Dreams style; if you can think it, they will build it.

Seeing that I am always looking to take things that one step further, getting a set of custom gauges made for Project Get Shorty seemed to be a natural fit. Therefore, I got in touch with the crew at Classic Instruments. From there I sent off a few pictures and whatnot of ideas I had, and then they filled in the blanks. Here's how things turned out.

Classic Instruments
(800) 575-0461
Department Of Customs
House of Kolor
KA Custom
(714) 375-4787
So-Cal Speed Shop Los Angeles
(310) 991-6128
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