Just because something can be driven, that doesn't mean it should be. For instance, '55-59 Chevy trucks can get from point A to point B just fine, but that's about it. Stepping out of the cab of one of those trucks after a long haul is the equivalent of Wyatt Earp dismounting his horse after a long, hard day's ride during his vendetta on the Cowboys. Let's just say those old cowboys drank whiskey at night for a reason-aches and pains being that reason. If your tastes don't exactly gel with that of the Western Frontiersmen, well then it's time to update that old straight-axle up front.

When it comes to bringing a '55-59 Chevy/GMC chassis into the new wave of auto engineering, there is an extensive amount of options. From expensive to cheap, and simple to complex, there are a wide variety of setups to choose from. But if you're looking in the market of effective, simple, reliable, and most importantly affordable, all the while keeping driveability and handling in the forefront, then Total Cost Involved has the answer for you.

Total Cost Involved specializes in chassis and suspension products for numerous vehicles, including '55-59 GM trucks. In fact, Total Cost Involved covers these year trucks through and through. They not only manufacture replacement suspension and chassis parts, but they also have full rolling chassis available as well. For those of you looking to keep it basic, their Mustang II IFS frontend kit is on the money, in both affordability and performance.

Total Cost Involved has a direct replacement Mustang II kit that will replace that straight-axle. The heart of the kit is the new crossmember, which features direct mounting points and coil-spring shock towers. From there the unit is outfitted with 1-inch tubular A-arms, spindles (stock height or 2-inch drop), a new rack-and-pinion gear (manual or power), 10-inch GM-style disc brakes, black-powdercoated springs and painted shocks. Basically everything needed to bring your 50 year-old hauler into the 21st century way of thinking ... and most importantly driving.

With this new frontend you'll be able to jump behind the wheel of your hauler with your Mapquest directions guiding you wherever it is your heart desires. You'll even step out of the cab wanting more. Follow along as Total Cost Involved installs its kit on a '58 Chevy.