Shock Me, Shock Me, Shock Me
Edelbrock has released a line of billet aluminum adjustable street rod shocks. Manufactured from billet aluminum, the mono-tube design includes eight-way adjustability of compression and rebound settings to dial in the ride quality you want based on your vehicle's weight and performance. The interior of the shock tubes are hard-anodized and Teflon-coated for durability and lasting ride quality. Coilover applications are equipped with 5/8-inch i.d. bearing mounts and conventional applications are equipped with urethane bushings for responsive handling. Coilovers are available in multiple spring rates to accommodate a variety of chassis styles and vehicle weight. Spanner wrench set No. 4504 is also available for easy spring-height adjustment. Not to be outdone in the style department, these billet tubes are show polished to a mirror finish. For more info, contact Edelbrock at 800/416-8628.

Pep Rallye
Wheel Vintiques is now offering its Rallye-style wheels in a choice of a dozen colors. The wheels are now painted using a highly durable powdercoating process to further ensure your own touch of style to your ride. Wheel Vintiques also offers a wide variety of Rallye-style wheels in both steel and billet aluminum. Sizes range from 14 inches to 20 inches in diameter, and the wheels come in a variety of popular widths and offsets. Custom backspacing is available, as well. Wheels can also be ordered with a primer coating, so the customer can paint them to match the vehicle's exact color. There are also a wide variety of caps and trim rings offered for the Rallye, allowing further individualization. For more, contact Wheel Vintiques at 559/251-6957.

Just Wrenchin'
Proform Parts now has added these short-handle AN wrenches to their growing list of engine building tools. These lightweight and adjustable "stubbys" join their SEMA Award-winning big brothers in the Proform tool kit. When an AN wrench is required in tight-working conditions, these short-handle wrenches are the solution. With these two handy wrenches, you can accomplish any automotive, or other plumbing job, that requires AN fittings. These Proform stubby-handle aluminum wrenches are super for assisting to prevent scratches on polished or anodized AN fittings. They make fuel-log adjustments, or loosening or tightening inlet fittings, easy-and are ergonomically designed for comfort. Important features include exact adjustability, non-marring jaws, and an anodized surface for long life and professional appearance. They are available individually in the -3 AN to -8 AN size (wrench No. 67723), or the -3 AN to -20 AN size (wrench No. 67724; or No. 67722 for the pair of wrenches). For additional information, contact Proform at 586/774-2500.

A Fair Trial
Are you tired of the trial-and-error method of adjusting your TV cable on your 700-R4 and 200-4R transmission? The crew at Bowler Performance Transmission sure was. That's why they developed their own kit, the Tru-Shift system, to solve this problem. To install the new Tru-Shift system, simply bolt on the supplied bracket and carburetor cam assembly, install the Bowler TV cable, then run the accelerator to wide open throttle. The cable will automatically adjust itself and you're done. With this system there's no need to drop the transmission pan, no need to install a pressure gauge to check the pressures, and, best of all, no more guessing. Bowler even included different throttle cable brackets to cover Lokar, Gennie, and GM square and early round hole. Each one attaches neatly to the supplied stainless bracket. Bowler has kits available for Holley, Edelbrock, and Demon Carburetors. For more info, contact Bowler Performance Transmission at 618/943-4856.

Chrome Dome
Looking to go chrome? Check out Performance Coatings new ceramic coating: Performachrome. The process is the result of many months of research and development and creates a finish extremely close to chrome, but a lot more durable and long lasting. Not only is the process good-looking, it's also cost-effective and time-friendly. A typical price for long-tube header sets runs around $200, and the turnaround time is roughly a week. For more information, contact Performance Coatings at 770/478-2775.

Steer With Ease
Borgeson offers a power steering conversion kit for the '66-87 GM trucks with outside-the-frame-box mounting. While there are no specific kits available, Borgeson sells all the necessary products to allow you to put power steering in your manual steering vehicle. These conversions are based around the variable ratio GM 700 power steering gearbox, giving you a smooth, comfortable-driving pickup. Borgeson offers both self-contained, and remote-fill-style pumps, pump brackets for multiple applications, and hose kits in both rubber OE-style and braided stainless steel. For more information, call Borgeson at 860/482-8283.

Dripping fuel, scarred-up fittings, and time-consuming wrenching can make installing a carburetor a real pain. Why make installing and testing more work than it has to be? The Jiffy-tite Quick-Connect Carburetor Kit saves time and makes changeovers a breeze. Unlike an old-fashioned threaded-fitting setup, this innovative kit allows you to connect or disconnect the fuel line(s) in seconds with no tools. There's absolutely no wrenching required for a high-flow, 100-percent leakproof seal. To connect, simply pull the socket collar back and insert the male plug on the fuel line. Then release the collar-just listen for the click, and the carb is ready to go. Disconnect with a simple pull on the collar and the valve design keeps the fuel safe inside the line-without having to drain your fuel bowl. The unique, patented Quick-Connect design works with most of the popular high-performance carburetor applications on the market. Designed to be lightweight for race applications, Jiffy-tite Carburetor Kits are sold standard-valved in either AN size -6 or -8, with aluminum washers, and are available to work with 7/8-inch x 20, 9/16-inch x 24 and 5/8-inch x 20 applications in a variety of adaptive styles. Viton (fluorocarbon) seals are standard. However, for alcohol and methanol applications, Buna N (Nitrile) seals and EPDM seals are available. For more information, contact Jiffy-tite Motorsports at 888/605-7788.

Yoked Out
The Tremec is one of the most widely used manual transmissions in the world, and now Inland Empire Driveline Service (IEDLS) has introduced the strongest transmission yoke available for Tremec extreme-performance applications. Made in the USA from forged steel and machined to aerospace tolerances, this 1350 Series transmission yoke has been designed to handle well over 1,000 hp and comes with quick-disconnect caps. 1330 and 1310 Series cast yokes are also available. In addition, IEDLS offers 1350 Series forged steel yokes for all popular GM, Ford, and Mopar transmissions. For more, contact Inland Empire Driveline Service at 909/390-3030.

More Flare
Mar-K now makes Ford '53-72 Flareside tailgates that use hidden latches and link assemblies to open and close the back of the bed. The latches are inside the bed, so the outside has a clean, smooth look. This tailgate is perfect for those who want the custom, flush appearance, but don't want the traditional tailgate chains, which are noisy and sometimes damage the paint finish. Included with the tailgate is a customizing kit to convert your current bedsides to work with the latching mechanism and links. For more information, contact Mar-K Quality Parts at 405/721-7945.

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