Shock Me, Shock Me, Shock Me
Edelbrock has released a line of billet aluminum adjustable street rod shocks. Manufactured from billet aluminum, the mono-tube design includes eight-way adjustability of compression and rebound settings to dial in the ride quality you want based on your vehicle's weight and performance. The interior of the shock tubes are hard-anodized and Teflon-coated for durability and lasting ride quality. Coilover applications are equipped with 5/8-inch i.d. bearing mounts and conventional applications are equipped with urethane bushings for responsive handling. Coilovers are available in multiple spring rates to accommodate a variety of chassis styles and vehicle weight. Spanner wrench set No. 4504 is also available for easy spring-height adjustment. Not to be outdone in the style department, these billet tubes are show polished to a mirror finish. For more info, contact Edelbrock at 800/416-8628.

Pep Rallye
Wheel Vintiques is now offering its Rallye-style wheels in a choice of a dozen colors. The wheels are now painted using a highly durable powdercoating process to further ensure your own touch of style to your ride. Wheel Vintiques also offers a wide variety of Rallye-style wheels in both steel and billet aluminum. Sizes range from 14 inches to 20 inches in diameter, and the wheels come in a variety of popular widths and offsets. Custom backspacing is available, as well. Wheels can also be ordered with a primer coating, so the customer can paint them to match the vehicle's exact color. There are also a wide variety of caps and trim rings offered for the Rallye, allowing further individualization. For more, contact Wheel Vintiques at 559/251-6957.

Just Wrenchin'
Proform Parts now has added these short-handle AN wrenches to their growing list of engine building tools. These lightweight and adjustable "stubbys" join their SEMA Award-winning big brothers in the Proform tool kit. When an AN wrench is required in tight-working conditions, these short-handle wrenches are the solution. With these two handy wrenches, you can accomplish any automotive, or other plumbing job, that requires AN fittings. These Proform stubby-handle aluminum wrenches are super for assisting to prevent scratches on polished or anodized AN fittings. They make fuel-log adjustments, or loosening or tightening inlet fittings, easy-and are ergonomically designed for comfort. Important features include exact adjustability, non-marring jaws, and an anodized surface for long life and professional appearance. They are available individually in the -3 AN to -8 AN size (wrench No. 67723), or the -3 AN to -20 AN size (wrench No. 67724; or No. 67722 for the pair of wrenches). For additional information, contact Proform at 586/774-2500.