When it comes to building a custom classic truck, it's not one big job that makes a truck. For instance, you can't have a flawless paintjob without some nice wheels, stance, and custom tricks here and there, and then figure you have a killer a truck. Granted, every once in a great while there is an exception to the rule, but generally speaking it's a concoction of big and small alterations that complete a truck.

Due to financial and personal time issues hot rodders tend to build their rides over a few years-usually starting with the bigger jobs, such as chassis and bodywork first, and then moving towards refining their ride. Oftentimes ornamentation is one of the last issues taken up. Things such as badges, chrome, and trim are some of the last items that make their way onto one's ride. If you have a '67-69 Chevy truck, and are looking to finalize your ride, LMC Truck has a way to distinguish your ride from the rest of the herd with minimal cash.

When it comes to customizing any vehicle, some of the smallest attributes can make or break it-and just like moonshine, a little goes a long way. If this is the recipe you're looking to whip up, then a new LMC Truck billet grille insert and Euro headlights may be just the facelift you're looking for. (What, you thought facelifts were exclusive to Hollywood?) The LMC insert is a five-bar grille insert that is made to mount in the wide opening of the stock '67-69 Chevy grilles. Although subtle, cheap, and easy to install, these grille inserts give the front end an entire new look. Match that with a new set of crystal-clear Euro headlights and you've given you're truck a facelift that even Kenny Rogers would be proud of!

This install will cost less than $500 and will only take you an hour or so to bang out-a perfect situation for a project with a minimal budget or time allotment. To check out this easy swap, we had LMC send us a grille insert and Euro headlights. LMC also has clear turn-signal lights, but our test mule already had them, so we decided not to swap apples for apples. However, if someone wanted to attain this look, a set of clear turn signals would need to be ordered as well. Check it out.

LMC Truck
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