Knobs For Knobs
Your ride can now have dash knobs that match your Vintage Air Control unit thanks to Watson's StreetWorks. The new knobs are available in sizes that fit 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch shafts and 10-32 thread. Watson's and Vintage Air worked together to guarantee these billet knobs match their A/C panel knobs to give you a completely uniform, matching interior. For more info, contact Watson's StreetWorks at 860/859-0513.

200 Will Get You 25
New from HTP America is their Invertig 201 AC/DC TIG welder that delivers 200 amps of welding power, yet pulls only 25 amps. Compared to other TIG welders sold today, the Invertig 201 produces almost 10 percent more power while using 60 percent less electricity. The Invertig 201 allows users to vary the AC frequency from 20 Hz to 200 Hz while maintaining a square wave throughout the complete range, providing more control over the arc. Running at higher frequencies (150 to 200 Hz) produces a tighter arc and results in a narrower bead. Balance is also adjustable from 10 to 90 percent. Inverter technology provides a smooth, stable arc, making intricate frame work on mild steel, chrome-moly, stainless steel, and Inconel unusually easy. With variable frequency in AC, the Invertig 201 produces great results when welding thin aluminum. Pulsing, with a frequency from 0.4 to 300 Hz, is standard. The new Invertig 201 weighs just 65 pounds and fits in a cabinet measuring 20 inches long by 91/2 inches wide by 193/4 inches high. The machine comes standard with a 25-foot SR-17 air-cooled TIG torch, a foot pedal with 15-foot cable, and a gas regulator. A lineup of optional accessories is available. For more information on the Invertig 201, contact 800/USA-WELD.

Get In Gear
The new Richmond Super Street Transmission, a five-speed tranny, is a high-performance manual transmission designed to be a bolt-in replacement for Ford, GM, and Mopar vehicles. The Super Street is fully rated at 600 lb-ft of torque to confidently handle the demands of street performance and other high-performance applications. Ratios are available for smooth and aggressive acceleration: First Gear 3.33:1 or 2.89:1, Second Gear 1.85:1, Third Gear 1.31:1, Fourth Gear 1:1, and Fifth Gear (overdrive) 0.77:1.

The Super Street comes standard with a long shifter for the ultimate in shift performance and durability. For more information, contact Richmond Gear 864/843-9231.

Not Exactlyice Caps
Mar-K now makes bedside hole caps with a 12 volt, 19-LED, "super bright" bulb in the middle of the hole cap. Caps are available in three colors: white, red, or amber. One can select white for backup lights or amber for turn signals, and the red lamp is dual intensity for applications combining running lamp with turn signal or brake lights. All lighted hole caps come with approximately 10-inch pigtail wires. These hole caps are available to fit '41-87 GM Stepsides, '51-72 Ford Flaresides, and '53-85 Dodge Stepsides. These aluminum caps are made to fit in the ends of the bed sides, and a rubber O-ring aids in installation and helps the caps stay in place. Smooth, reflector, and embossed Bow Tie styles are also available. For more info, contact Mar-K Quality Parts at 405/721-7945.