Lock And Load
Lock-In-Tool now offers a new and patented tool that simplifies the installation of piston wristpin locks, and reduces labor time to seconds. Lock-In-Tool also helps avoid damage to pistons, broken and bent pin locks, and personal injury. The tools are available for spiral-lock or wire-lock applications, and come in a variety of standard and metric sizes. Lock-In-Tool is made in the U.S. and produced with 4140 hardened steel for repeated professional use, or with lightweight plastic for the do-it-yourself engine builder. Learn more by calling 704/843-5477.

Tie It Together
Air Ride Technologies has added yet another trick piece of hardware to their line of suspension components: new Billet Tie Rod Adjusters. Air Ride Technologies' new aluminum adjusters are strong, easy to adjust, and look cool, too. Large wrench flats on both ends provide an easy way to dial your suspension system's steering to the perfect toe and bumpsteer settings, and the anodized aluminum finish provides long-lasting good looks. Air Ride Technologies offers multiple sizes to fit a wide range of vehicles and lists popular applications on their Web site for easy ordering. For more info, contact Air Ride at 812/482-2932.

New from Mothers is the PowerBall 4paint. Built on technology derived from their PowerBall and PowerBall Mini tools, the new PowerBall 4Paint offers the same ease-of-use and results to help give your vehicle that showroom-quality shine. Whether you are polishing, waxing, or both, hundreds of professional-grade foam fingers on the PowerBall 4Paint provide unmatched coverage and efficiency with the help of your variable-speed drill. Its soft, pliable design makes short work of contoured edges, curves, and other hard-to-reach areas, such as door handles, spoilers, and curved bumpers. Simply attach the PowerBall 4Paint to your drill, position the crown of the ball upwards, and pour a small amount of polish, glaze, wax, or one-step cleaner wax onto the foam. Set your drill speed to "low" and rest the ball on the paint's surface. Using just the weight of the drill, start slowly and the PowerBall 4Paint glides gently and almost effortlessly across the finish. Let the wax product haze, and remove as directed. The end result is more thorough and even coverage in less time and with less effort than applying by hand. The PowerBall 4Paint is washable, reusable, and reversible. Visit www.mothers.com for more info.

Pumped Up
Borgeson Universal announces the addition of their all-new aluminum steering pump. The pump is all-new-not a rebuilt-and the aluminum housing saves 15 percent on weight compared to the standard steel pump. This pump can also be pre-set from Borgeson Universal to accommodate racks that require lower pump pressure. Mounting systems and pulleys are also available for a variety of applications. For more information, contact 860/482-8283.

Headed In The Right Direction
Improve the performance of your flathead Ford V-8 while also brightening up its appearance with these new stainless steel flathead headers from Speedway Motors.

Speedway has taken its popular flathead tube headers and made them available in durable and attractive stainless steel. These high-quality headers are polished to a mirror-like shine and have a compact center-dump design that's perfect for most street rods or other applications that do not have stock wishbone-style suspensions. They use common 2 1/2-inch collectors and come complete with gaskets and companion flanges to connect to the exhaust system. Call 800/979-0122 for more info.