Always expect the unexpected. This saying is so common, so true, so prevalent yet somehow it still doesn't seem to embed its message into our brains-or at least mine, anyway. I don't know about you, but when I set out to do something I have it all planned in my head. Step A will be followed by B, then by C, etc. I don't plan any unexpected events in my course of action. I should, though, because no matter what I do there is always that elusive glitch. In my recent quest to lower the lid on my '71, the thing I didn't foresee was space-magazine space, that is.

Now I knew the job would take a lot of work and man-hours, and it has. Still, I figured I would be able to cram all my efforts into two parts in the magazine. (Hence the reason I said we'll finish things up this month last month!) Well, I'm taking back my words about finishing things up this month. We're going to wrap things up ... wait, maybe I should bite my tongue ... in the near future. (That's a safe, middle-of-the-fence, take-no-responsibility phrase.) Why? There's just not enough space in this month's issue to shortchange the story and skip key points. However, we are going to cover as much as we can, so let's get to it.

This month we're going to work on finishing up the inside of the cab and the doorframes, as well as installing side glass with power windows. The one-piece side-glass kit is thanks to Brothers Trucks, and the power window regulators and such are thanks to Electric-Life. For the most part, this installment was true to plans and instructions, even though the truck is now chopped. I did run into another unexpected glitch: the side glass. Originally I thought things would work out, but the changed roof line interfered with my plans of using the Brothers glass, as you'll see. No problem though, it's nothing a simple trip to The Glass House in San Dimas, California, couldn't handle. Oh yeah ... in all seriousness, next month we will finish things up. For now, check out this month's progress.