Bigger Is Better
New from Classic Performance Products are their new big-bore metric caliper. The caliper is an all-new design to replace the popular small-piston GM metric (S-10) caliper. The new caliper has various improvements and features: the bore size has been increased to offer more than a 20 percent increase in stopping power, the casting has been cleaned up to make chrome, powdercoat, or custom painting look even better, and extra ribs have been added internally, while unnecessary weight was removed. This new caliper is also universal and can be used on the left and right sides because the bleed screw and banjo fitting can be installed into either position. This caliper is lighter, stronger, has more stopping power, is universal, and fits any application that uses the small GM metric (S-10) caliper. CPP's calipers have all-new parts and come loaded with standard D154 brake pads, clips, slide pins, banjo bolts, washers, and bleeder screws. These calipers can replace D154-type GM metric calipers ('78-88 midsize and '83-02 S-10) used on most Mustang II conversions. Call CCP at 714/522-2000 for more info.

Mixed Signals
Need to replace your turn signal switch on your '54-59 Chevy or GMC truck but have a worn-out housing? No worries anymore, Brothers Trucks now offers a replacement turn signal assembly for your '54-59 Chevy and GMC trucks. Each brand-new assembly comes with the outer steering column housing and has the turn signal switch pre-installed. For more information, call Brothers at 800/977-2767.

New from Old Speed Hot Rods are these machined aluminum hinges. The hinges are handmade from 6061 aluminum. They make them for all Model A and later pickups, and they are also available in 3-hinge sets for '32 pickups. All hardware is included in polished stainless. Have a special application? No problem, they'll make stock replacements with this style for any tailgate you have (if you send yours in for patterns). For more information, contact Old Speed Hot Rods, Inc. at 562/432-3800.