We've all heard about clay by now, but most have only seen the pre-packaged kits that come with a small clay bar, a microfiber towel, instant detailer, and a small bottle of wax. Sure those kits work, but for us hot rodders who already have waxes, rags, detailer, and so forth, we would rather have good quality clay.

Meguiar's knew this and that's why they created their Professional Detailing Clay. This clay, available in their Professional line, is just the clay by itself-you furnish the rest of the products. This new clay is more aggressive than their typical over-the-counter clay, but still mild enough for those new to the clay experience. However, using and applying the clay is just like their pre-packaged kits. Only this clay is more aggressive, which speeds the process up.

Meguiar's Professional Detailing Clay is the safe, chemical-free way to remove stubborn contamination. Simply lubricate paint with Mirror Glaze #34 Final Inspection, and gently wipe away overspray, bug debris, water spots, tree sap mist, road tar, and other surface contamination. Use Detailing Clay before polishing or waxing for a smoother, more perfect gloss.

For those who really need stronger clay, Meguiar's also offers aggressive clay in their professional detailing line. This clay is much more aggressive, and once used the automobile must be buffed to remove any minute scratches that may appear during use. Check 'em out.