Eight Is Great
New from Dynatek Racing is their Classic Fuel Injection. The retro-modern fuel injection combines the all-visual impact of 48mm IDA downdraft carbs with unmatched driveability and performance. Unlike those cantankerous carbs, the new Classic Fuel Injection provides instant starting (regardless of weather conditions), crisp throttle response, and even impressive fuel mileage compared to a 48mm downdraft setup. The key to this impressive performance is the fact that the new Classic Fuel Injection combines nostalgic good looks with modern technology. Thanks to a sophisticated management system, the Classic Fuel Injection has all but eliminated hard starting, plug fouling, and the basically compromised air/fuel mixture associated with downdraft carburetors. The best part about this retro-modern injection system is the self-learn (closed loop) capability that can perform the majority of the required tuning all by itself. Kits are available for small-block Chevys, Ford 302, 351, FE, and even 429/460. Dynatek will soon release systems for the LS1/LS2 and 5.7L/6.1L Dodge Hemi applications. For info, contact Dynatek Racing at 866/839-0177.

More Bitchin'r
Full Tilt Street Rods announces its new "More Bitchin'r" Rear Parallel 4-Bar Suspension System for '54-59 Chevy half-ton trucks. The new system is designed for ride quality with coilover shocks, Shock Waves or airbags. It also has an extra-long Panhard bar that minimizes deflection when you raise or lower ride height with airbags. Other features include: inboard mount design allows easy mounting for larger tires and wheels, front 4-Bar brackets bolt onto the frame using stock leaf-spring mount holes, upper coilover mount bolts into existing frame holes, adjustable parallel bars allow changing pinion angle, parallel bars are made of 1-inch, 3/16-inch wall tubing. The 3/16-inch thick 4-Bar brackets fit any 3-inch axle tube and the system includes all needed bolts, brackets, and polyurethane bushings. Check out this system by contacting Full Tilt at 970/255-8890.

Getttin' Yoked
High-horsepower street and racing engines can develop enough power and torque to snap OEM cast-iron pinion yokes, but not forged-steel pinion yokes from Inland Empire Driveline Service. These yokes are precision machined for a perfect fit and heat-treated to handle up to 2,000 hp. Designed specifically for Spicer 1350 use, these U-bolt-style yokes are available for 29-spline Chrysler 83/4-inch, 10-spline Chrysler 83/4-inch, Dana 60, 30-spline Ford 8.8-inch, 28-spline Ford 9-inch, 35-spline Ford 9-inch, GM 8.5-inch 10-bolt, and GM 12-bolt. For more, contact Inland Empire Driveline Service at 909/390 3030.

Ready, Set, Jet
JET Performance has released a Quadrajet carburetor for Chevy and GMC trucks with 396ci and larger modified big-block engines. The carburetor is extensively reworked by increasing main well size and is balanced to assure top-end high-rpm fuel flow. Several circuit modifications are made to keep the fuel curve correct throughout the entire rpm range and to keep consistent idle quality. It includes a 0.149 needle and seat to ensure adequate fuel flow. The carburetor is designed for modified big-block motors with a dual-plane intake manifold, headers, 8.5-9.5:1 compression ratio, and mild ported or aftermarket heads. Available as a complete bolt-on unit, or JET can rebuild your existing core. For more information, contact JET at 800/535-1161.

Tool Time
Now available from Miller Electric is Ron Covell's MIG Welding Made Easy DVD, which is designed to teach entry-level hobbyists MIG-welding skills and help others improve their skills and techniques. In this easy-to-follow program, recognized metalworking expert Ron Covell covers the basic processes used for successful MIG welding: proper machine setup, joint preparation, wire selection, gun angles, travel speed, and what to check when things go wrong. For more information on the 70-minute DVD, call Miller at 800/4-A-MILLER.