"You don't know what you got 'til it's gone." How many times have you heard those words come spewing at you? Too many, I'm sure. However, the underlying emphasis in those few words rings true more times than one would probably like to count. In the world of old trucks, one of those "things" that many think they can do without often becomes a first on the to-do list while the hauler is parked for winter. Exactly what is that thing that so many decide to forego? Why, none other than air conditioning.

At first thought many think they can bypass an A/C install, but after a few long hauls through the red hot summer sun that not-so-slick, late-model commuter with A/C starts to sound pretty good-even if it doesn't turn heads. Sometimes we miss those late-model creature comforts more than one would ever think. For that reason Vintage Air has created a solution to the common heat-exhaustion blues.

Vintage Air has been supplying aftermarket kits to the hot rod industry for years now, but their latest and greatest product is taking things to a new level. Vintage Air's new Gen IV Magnum kit delivers A/C, heat, and defrost just like you would find in a late-model ride. And when we say "late model" we're not just talking actual cooling and heating, but mounting and operating as well. For starters, the new Gen IV is fully electronic, which means no more running vacuum lines or cables to stock controls. It also features a microprocessor-controlled coil temperature monitor, which means no capillary tube to run. Another state-of-the-art feature is the fact that the kit utilizes electronic servo motor operated doors for a dedicated defrost mode, bi-level operation, and an adjustable heater blend door for that on-the-money temp you desire.