In last month's story "Bubbly Like A Thunderbolt," we began this series on how to graft fiberglass to steel by following Tom Prewitt and Matt Means of Resurrection Rods in Fullerton, California, as they performed all the metalwork necessary to remove existing dents and reshape the top of the hood so that the Ford Thunderbolt-style hoodscoop from Speedway Motors would sit flat. After Tom and Matt leveled the hood surface, the next step was to place the Thunderbolt hoodscoop in place and check to see if anything else was needed for a proper fit. Sure enough, we soon discovered that the length of the flat area on a '72 F-100 hood was shorter than a Ford passenger car hood. That said, Tom established that we could obtain a perfect fit for the Thunderbolt hoodscoop by breaking its nose. Not literally-but pie-cutting the nose would allow the end of it to bend downward and adhere to the curvature of the F-100 hood. With the fitment problem solved, Tom's next concern was how to attach the fiberglass Thunderbolt scoop to the steel F-100 hood without running into all of the problems associated with a graft of this nature as done in past years.

Thanks to the leaps and bounds achieved on the technological end of the automotive adhesive industry, the solution came to Tom with a quick look at SEM's latest catalog. Listed amongst a proverbial plethora of modern innovations available from SEM, Tom read the specifications of SEM's Dual-Mix Weld-Bond adhesive and knew that he had discovered gold. Follow along and we'll see how Tom Prewitt uses SEM Products to bond Speedway Motor's Thunderbolt hoodscoop onto our '72 F-100 so it will last a lifetime of Gasser-style abuse and keep-on sticking.

Speedway Motors
P.O. Box 81906
NE  68501
Resurrection Customs & Hot Rods
SEM Products
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