What's the ugliest part of your truck's body? Some say it's the nose, others say it's how it tows. We say it's the doors. Give it some thought and we think you will all agree that an old truck's doors can be a proverbial cauldron of rust and wear-induced problems.

Unfortunately, the cure we are offering here is not available to all of the classic brand trucks that people like to restore or customize, but for owners of '67-'72 C-10s we have the perfect solution. Starting at the core of the problem we are pleased to announce the availability of brand-new replacement doors from the folks at Goodmark Industries. We'll also take a look at the new parts available from Brothers for the door's inner-workings.

Although our story deals with tossing one's existing rusty door and replacing everything that comprises a complete operational door, there are parts of this article that can be extracted and applied to a specific function of the door-such as the weatherstripping. Without a good seal, everything inside of the door, including the door itself, is subject to rust. We don't have to explain what the implications of rust are to a classic truck owner. Everyone knows: rust kills.