There are customizing projects that the average do-it-yourselfer can easily take on by himself at home-and then are the specialized tasks that must be left to an experienced professional. That is, of course, unless we are talking about that rare breed of DIY guy who doesn't seem to care whether or not he did a sloppy job and ruined most of his new parts as long as he can say that he did it himself. For you fellows who don't fall into either category we have enlisted the help of Pete Engel and Mario at Pete's Westminster Auto Upholstery to reveal some automotive carpet laying tips that will help you to lay carpet in your truck at home like a pro. It wasn't easy for us to convince Pete to help us out. He was worried that he would be barraged with phone calls from people looking to buy a carpet kit from him or, worse yet, to answer a bunch of how-to questions. So please don't call Pete unless you are interested in having an award-winning custom interior done, like the ones he's done for Pebble Beach winners or the grand National Roadster Show.

The key to doing a good job, no matter what it might be, is to start out with high-quality parts that were designed to fit properly. This is where the folks at TrimParts of Lebanon, Ohio, enter the equation with their line of top-quality molded carpet kits. We've used TrimParts lenses and bezels in the past and we think a person would be hard pressed to find a more faithful reproduction. That said, this brings us full-circle to installing the carpet kit. So, study the following captions and photos. We are sure that if you take your time you will end up with a super clean job you will be proud to claim.