Now In 3D
New from Billet 3D are billet inserts for '55-'59 Chevy trucks. The new inserts come highly polished and feature recessed gauges for the speedo, oil, temp, volt, and fuel gauges. The inserts also feature turn signals and high-beam lighting. The inserts are available in 3 1/8-inch and 3 3/38-inch Auto Meter sizes. The inserts come ready to install right out of the box, and all necessary hardware is included. For more information, contact Billet 3D at 951/283-6608, or visit

Tow Away The Stone
Want to tow with your classic '67-'72 GM truck without that ugly hitch hanging down below your bumper? Early Classic Enterprises has just the answer: a Class 4 hidden receiver hitch that mounts behind your factory chrome rear bumper. The hitch remains hidden until needed, and you simply flip up the license plate and insert the extended ball mount when you're ready to tow. These powdercoated hitches are available for pickups, Blazers, and Suburbans, and come with all necessary hardware and instructions.

Wooden You Like To Have It?
Juliano's has a new woodgrain wheel created entirely by an in-house process right in its Ellington, Connecticut-facility. These are not mass-produced steering wheels clapped out in a factory. Every Juliano's wheel is handbuilt by in-house artisans. The wheels are made using a state-of-the-art polycarbonate "finger-grip" outer rim and a polished aluminum or stainless center. The woodgrain and "mile-deep" clear finish are achieved using a proprietary in-house process that produces a spectacular woodgrain wheel that looks like real wood, but will look new practically forever. The new 15-inch woodgrain wheel mounts to any standard 9-bolt adapter, or can be ordered with the proper adapter for your steering column. A variety of horn button kits are also available. For more information, call Juliano's at 800/300-1932, or visit

Quick Draw
New from Snap-On Tools is their Quick Set electronic torque wrench. The new torque wrench is ideal for wheel mounting. It offers five pre-sets for the most common lug nut torque: 80, 100, 120, 140, and 150 ft-lb. The wrench is accurate to 2 percent. A Yellow-Green-Red light visual indication lets the operator know when the preset is reached, and a lockout feature can prevent unwanted preset changes. Find out more by visiting, contacting your local Snap-On representative, or by calling 877/762-7662.

Remote A-Go-Go
Flaming River Industries introduces an OEM-based keyless electronic ignition system that delivers convenience and security for all trucks. The system uses a small security fob that interfaces with onboard electronic circuitry to identify the user and release the vehicle's start and accessory circuits. A lithium watch battery powers the compact keyless fob. The security fob activates when the driver is within close proximity to the vehicle, allowing the system to power up. To start the vehicle, the driver pushes the illuminated start button, which is installed wherever convenient. To assure vehicle security and prevent unauthorized starting, the onboard electronic module uses a rotating random access code that interfaces only to the specific fob for the vehicle. The electronic module is compact and can be positioned in many locations within the vehicle. It requires a fused power source, a connection to the vehicle starter circuit, and a stable ground. In the event of loss of battery power in the starter fob, simply place the fob adjacent to the starter button and microwave codes from the card will activate the system and allow it to start the vehicle. Walking away from the vehicle shuts off the ignition. For further information, call Flaming River at 800/648-0822, or visit