There has been a lot of suspense building as the two bumpsides near completion. I'm sure when Grant and I finally pull up to the showdown both of our trucks are going to be scrutinized down to the very last detail. With this in mind, I knew that one of the last things I wanted to have happen was to roll up to the showgrounds with big stress cracks appearing on my hood. The next step was to call in the big guns and find out if there was any new technology on the market that could minimize the possibility of an embarrassing failure. Sure enough, when I called Tom Prewitt at Resurrection Customs & Hot Rods in Fullerton, California, he informed me that SEM Products had an entire line of heavy-duty adhesives intended specifically to address a hybrid project like I was about to undertake.

The first thing I did when the Thunderbolt scoop arrived from Speedway Motors was to immediately remove it from the box and place it on top of my '72's hood to see how it looked and note any alterations that would be needed to make it fit properly. For the most part, the Thunderbolt scoop lies perfectly flat--until one looks at the front of the F-100 hood, where it is shorter than a car hood with the curvature descending faster. In order to make sure the Thunderbolt scoop looks right on a '67-'72 F-100 hood it was necessary to cut out the raised steel center section that vaguely resembles a T-Bird hoodscoop, and then fabricate new sheetmetal.

As we are dealing with body-working both steel and fiberglass, we will cover steel in this issue and cover the fiberglass portion in next month's issue. CCT