Thrust With Thrush
If you're looking for a slip-fit, bolt-on exhaust system with custom features and an aggressive sound, Thrush has released a performance exhaust system for '66-72 Chevrolet C10/C20 and GMC C15/C25 truck models. The new Thrush C1500 systems include 2.5-inch smooth-bend fully aluminized tubing, an H-pipe, and all the required hangers, brackets, and other hardware. The new exhaust system also features a set of Thrush Turbo mufflers. The Thrush Turbo mufflers utilize a high-flow design with reversible flow chambers, time-tested spun-locked heads, and all-aluminized materials. For more information on Thrush systems please call 734/384-7806, or visit

Personal Assistant
We've all been frustrated with a bolt located in such a tight space you can't possibly get a ratchet on it. Not a problem anymore with Proform Parts Socket Assist. Each patented Socket Assist has a 12-point end to facilitate finger turning until snug. The Socket Assist also allows using a combination wrench that's equal to or smaller than the socket drive size. They are available in 1/4x1/4, 1/4x3/8 and 3/8x3/8-inch sizes. Also, the Socket Assist allows a large spark plug socket with a 3/8-inch drive opening to be turned by a small 1/4-inch open end or ratchet wrench. The tool's non-12-point end has a 1/4- or 3/8-inch square drive with a spring-loaded detent ball that secures the socket. All three sizes are included in the self-sealing blister pack. For additional information, contact Proform at 586/774-2500, or visit

Wipe On, Wipe Off
New Port Engineering introduces this complete Clean Wipe System for '40-47 Ford Trucks. The system features linkage-driven dual wipers, a single heavy-duty 12-volt self-parking motor, transmission, brackets, escutcheon plates, arms, and blades. New Port also supplies their exclusive drill fixture to simplify installation of the dual-blade system. Options include an intermittent delay switch, a washer pump kit, and stainless wiper arms and blades. Call New Port Engineering at 800/829-1929, or visit for more information.

Yes, Master!
Bruce Horkey's Wood & Parts has become a premier source for pickup truck wood bed replacement parts. Their own in-house wood finishing operation has required an exhaustive search for the best products available, and now they're making their Old Masters Gel Stains available to all. Old Masters products have allowed Horkey's to consistently achieve the tonal color and quality of exotic hardwoods from their Ash and Oak wood products. While varnish alone will warm and highlight the natural colors of the wood and give protection from the elements, these special stains give a more even color tone, while providing additional UV protection that varnish alone cannot provide. Old Masters stains also allow you to select a complementary color for the wood that allows better blending with your interior or exterior paint. For more information, call Horkey's at 507/831-5625, or visit

Rotary Club
Tired of that horsepower-robbing compressor stealing your engine's thunder? Classic Auto Air's high-performance Sanden rotary compressor conversion kit will save horsepower and weight, improve fuel efficiency, and look cool doing it- even at up to 6,000 rpm. The Sanden kit is also a great start to converting to 134a. Complete bolt-on kits, with no modifications, are available for most '60s to early '80s General Motors trucks. Ford and Mopar kits are available too. For more information, contact Classic Auto Air at 813/251-2356, or visit