When we left ya hangin' last month during our wood bed install, we had just laid down the black stain. With the stain having, well, stained the wood, we can now move on to varnishing and polishing the Bruce Horkey ash wood. For this installment go ahead and grab your white-and-black-rising-sun-Karate-Kid bandana and be prepared to work those arms "paint the fence"-style.

When it comes to finishing up the bed wood, it's just a matter of laying down coat upon coat upon coat of varnish. When Bruce Horkey's Wood and Parts sent us the wood for the kit, they also sent us their Old Masters Spar Marine Varnish kit. The kit is based around the Old Masters varnish, which is formulated from tung oil and ultraviolet absorbers to produce a high-quality, flexible finish that withstands weathering from sun, water, and salt spray. Basically the varnish is ideal for trucks that plan on being used for their intended purpose: transportation-although the varnish is more than cut out for work on the red carpet. Laying down the varnish isn't as simple as brushing it on and calling it a day. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Varnishing is as easy as brushing it on. However, it's the in-between work that takes a bit more effort. When it comes to wood varnishing, things are right on par with a paint job. It takes preparation, sanding, cutting, buffing, and, most importantly, time. After each coat, the varnish is sanded down for an even look before another coat is laid down. Once all the coats are applied, the surface is then cut and buffed for a clean, smooth look. Here's the kicker though: just like all paint jobs there are those that people take the time on and look great, and then there's the "mow, blow, and, go" attitude of Maaco or Earl Scheib. Depending on your own preference, you can choose that option when the time comes. However, it's due to the time factor that this job has taken us over a month just to finish. After all, we want this bed to look top notch, not to wave at us when we sneak a peek in the box!

Although it may sound complicated, the work is mainly time consuming-not necessarily challenging. Making things easy and convenient is the fact that Bruce Horkey has filled their instructions with everything you could ever want to know about the process, not to mention a breakdown of each step in detail. By simply following along with the step-by-step instructions, the job is accomplished in a smooth, albeit time-consuming, manner.