The Art Of Drafting
The brain of the new Inglese Twin Sidedraft System are two Weber carburetors, which are legendary in the aftermarket community for their snappy throttle response, low-end torque, and classic style. Another benefit of the Twin Sidedraft design is the position of the carburetors, which sit away from the intake manifold, keeping the fuel cooler and providing a denser air charge. These systems will also directly bolt on to any 4-bbl manifold application. The Inglese Twin Sidedraft Weber Induction System offers complete customization, including your choice of paint, chrome, stacks, and filters to top off your engine package. Taking customization one step further, Inglese tailors each carburetor setup to fit your overall performance goals while maintaining smooth operation and excellent driveability. Simply stated, these units are ready to take out of the box, bolt on, and start up. For more information, call Inglese at 866-450-8089, or visit

How Puzzling
Knowing how complicated it can be to piece together the "plumbing puzzle," Edelbrock's new Russell Fuel System Kits offer a one part number, one box solution to plumbing your vehicle's fuel system. Each Fuel System Kit provides everything you need to plumb from fuel tank to carb, including 20 feet of stainless steel Pro-Flex or Pro-Classic black nylon fabric; -6AN- or -8AN-size fuel hose; Edelbrock electric fuel pump and harness with 30-amp relay; adjustable fuel pressure regulator; assortment of straight, 45-, and 90-degree fittings; Russell Pro-Filter; dual-feed fuel inlet; installation brackets; and hardware. Along with that, Edelbrock also offers several other kits in their new line. For more info, contact Edelbrock at 310-781-2222, or visit

So Fresh And So Clean
Stop polishing and keep your products looking good with Zoopseal. This innovative product stops the oxidation process, commonly called dulling, on aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, and chrome. Zoopseal is a complicated blend of several Space Age chemicals developed to stop the oxidation process by forming a chemical bond with metal, and it protects chromed parts by bonding to the chrome itself. This protection keeps your products looking like the day you bought them for up to two years, depending upon the elements they are exposed to. Zoopseal is resistant to oil, gas, and radiator fluids, and withstands up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Once applied, it does not alter your product's original appearance. For more on Zoopseal, call 951-845-8993, or visit