There comes a point in every build when one must ask, "To shave, or not to shave, that is the question." Although not exactly a life-altering fork in the road, it is a decision that will define your ride's look and feel. On the one hand are clean, smooth, and sleek; and on the other, well, things will keep more along the lines of a resto-mod. For those of you who travel the same path as Roger Rabbit and can't resist a shave and a haircut, then pay attention as we deaccessorize a C-10. As for all you others, maybe this will sway your opinion.

Shaving the handles on any truck is one of the most basic and simple modifications one can do. But even though it's simple, the visual effects are anything but. In years before, hot rodders took solenoids from anything and everything and mounted them up with an external hidden button. As time has moved on and technology is king, shaved door handles have become as simple as keyless entry, and at the forefront of the technology is AutoLoc.

Although AutoLoc serves up the industry with countless numbers of automotive accessories, shaved door handle kits have become a staple of AutoLoc. With a handful of shaved door handle kits and just as many kit accessories, AutoLoc has covered just about every angle there is to shaving handles. In various kits, including the kit we're going to install, AutoLoc bases the system off of one of their 50-pound Power Pull solenoids that feature a compact design and durable steel construction. Each solenoid features 2x retention springs that adjust the pulling power to the precise level required for each pull, resulting in less wear and tear on your latches and installation assembly. The solenoids are also self-grounding for easy installation. From there, each kit includes long-range remotes and a computerized receiver with a range of over 300 feet.

In a world where car thieves are so advanced that "code grabbing" (which is when car thieves wait for you to disable your car alarm so they can duplicate the alarm code and use it to gain access to your ride) is common practice, AutoLoc has even developed a way to make sure their remote system doesn't fall victim to an ill-fated incident by equipping each kit with their Code Rolling Technology, which ensures your truck's safety by changing codes on the receiver after each transmission. That way the previous transmission cannot be bounced back to your truck to open doors, deactivate alarms, and more.

Furthermore, to ensure maximum protection, AutoLoc's Code Rolling Technology also allows you to delete lost or stolen codes. Along with controlling the driver and passenger door, AutoLoc also offers multi-channel systems for power windows, trunks, start functions-really, whatever you want to hook up, and they're all controlled with the same remote. Each kit also includes three heavy-duty 40-amp relays, 1/16-inch pre-stretched stainless steel cable, wiring, all mounting hardware, cable guide, aluminum crimps, heavy-duty backup button, and detailed instructions. As you can see, the art of shaving door handles has left its roots in the past.

Besides installing the system's internals, the other part to shaving handles is filling holes and basic bodywork, which is just another day at the office. Check it out as we install one of AutoLoc's universal shaved door handle kits.