When Project Get Shorty went under the knife and got hacked in two and fused back together, the frame and mechanics were only half the battle. Unfortunately for this situation, it's not only what's on the inside that counts, because the exterior is an equal partner.

When chopping two feet from a truck's frame, there are several ways to mend the fences in terms of installing a bed. For starters, the same operation on the frame can be applied to the bed by taking eight inches from the rear and 12 inches from the front. However, that act alone entails more work than it's worth. The other option is to hunt down a shortbed and drop it on; however, that too can be tricky for a number of reasons, one being that you need to find a box that's worth buying, because after all, you don't wanna spend more buying a longbed truck and a shortbed box than you would if you just bought a shortbed truck in the first place. Keep in mind that you'd have to find a quality box, which may take more work than chopping a longbed box down to a shortbed. The third option is to purchase a mail-order bed that comes ready to assemble from LMC Truck.

LMC Truck specializes in new aftermarket products for a variety of trucks, including '67-72 Chevy/GMC trucks. Somewhere between their immense catalog of trim, interior pieces, grilles, hardware, and more is sheetmetal. From front to back and top to bottom, LMC carries pretty much every piece of tin to restore C-10s, including bed pieces. In fact, LMC Truck has every panel, brace, nut, and bolt (designed off the original factory pieces) to assemble your very own bed. That's right, there's no hunting or gathering necessary. All it takes is rattling off a few part numbers over a phone call and the entire bed assembly shows up at your door. LMC even has the pieces to assemble a wood or steel bed.

When it came time to equip Project Get Shorty with a shortbed, option C on the multi-choice test was the only answer for us. With just a phone call to LMC, the entire bed assembly, including the bed sides, front panel, tailgate, crossbraces, wheel housings, brackets, and hardware, arrived at our doorstep ready to assemble. When we installed the pieces, everything mated right up for a true, accurate GM. On the flip side, we did run into a few snags with alignment, but that was just a 30-second quick fix. All in all, though, this bed truly is an accurate bolt-together piece that is perfect for any project.