Ribbed For Your Pleasure
New from Chevs of the 40's is their five-rib bumper for '47-54 Chevy trucks. The bumpers come polished and contoured to blend in with the front end; they are also available unpolished. The bumper is designed to mount tighter to the body than the stock front bumper, and alloy brackets are available as well. To learn more, contact Chevs of the 40's at 800-999-2438, or visit www.chevsofthe40s.com.

The WheelSmith
The WheelSmith introduces the latest addition to their extensive wheel line, the new Gennie wheel. The new wheel is a replica of the early Ford wheel designed to fit the look of today's early Ford trucks. The Gennie wheels are available in bare steel, powdercoated, chrome rim with powdercoated centers, or all-chrome finishes. Wheels come in 15x4 1/2- through 15x14-inch 5 on 4 1/2, 5 on 4 3/4, or 5 on 5 1/2 bolt patterns. For more information, call 714-556-3861, or visit www.thewheelsmith.net.

Taking Sides
From MAR-K Quality Parts are 1940 Chevy short Stepside bedsides with the original-style chain bracket. The bedside panels are made of 16-gauge electrogalvanized steel, and the chain bracket is riveted and spot welded to the stake pocket just like the originals. A complete MAR-K bedside is made up of the bedside panel, the front and rear stake pockets, and a steel angle strip. Holes are included in the bedsides for fender installation, and angle strips are punched with square holes, both in the correct pattern. The kit also includes a free teardrop piece for welding into the curl of your bedside. For further information, contact MAR-K Quality Parts at 405-721-7945, or visit www.mar-k.com.

Bombs Away
Rust Bomb, from Orison Marketing, is a gel that specifically targets rust with its unique non-hazardous formula. Rust Bomb is designed to kill rust (iron oxide), but will not harm aluminum, copper, brass, rubber, plastic, or vinyl. Rust Bomb rust remover gel pulls the rust right off the metal and leaves the metal like new by employing a combination of modified chelators and rust inhibitors to attack the rust. The gel is used by applying it to the surface with a brush or putty knife and letting it sit anywhere from five minutes to 24 hours, depending on how severe the rust is. When done, the gel can be easily removed with water. You can check out the Rust Bomb by contacting Orison at 325-692-1135, or visiting www.orisonmarketing.com.