Satisfied with the new custom look our Big 10 was taking on, we progressed to addressing some of the maintenance issues that had cropped up. One of the questions that sometimes pops up when a group of guys are talking about old trucks is what determines how long a factory original part will last, wear or time. In the case of our Big 10, we'd definitely say wear had nothing to do with it, but rather our electrical components were more like a time bomb. With only 75,000 original miles on the odometer, the Big 10's switches seemed crisp, but the A/C fan-speed switch had a direct short in the high position, and the inoperative headlights were caused by a fried dimmer switch. Once again, Classic Industries was the source for genuine General Motors parts new in the box. The chrome four-way fan switch was a direct replacement, as was the aftermarket dimmer switch manufactured for Classic Industries by Wells of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.

In addition to the repairs that required the replacement of new parts, there were a couple of repairs we made that didn't cost us a dime, and after we finished restoring some of the Big 10's original features, our old Chevy was a lot more fun to drive.CCT