Well, wouldn't you know it, just like on the build-offs on TV, after getting the cab floor down to the real nitty gritty, I discovered there was a lot more rust damage to the sheetmetal than first appeared. Unfortunately, unlike some of the reality shows on TV, we don't have any little elves to come in at night and catch us up for the next day. This issue is sitting right on the deadline, but I'm not about to cut it short and Mickey-Mouse the truck with as much effort as I've already put into it. So I'll finish this tech based on my knowledge from using KBS Coatings and Lizard Skin in the past. At this point, I got stopped in my tracks, but the good news is there is a welding supply store near me that sells Miller products, so after I turn this story in, I can fire up my new Miller Spectrum 375 Xtreme plasma cutter, blow out the rusted bits, and weld in some spot patches with my new Millermatic 252 MIG welder. In the meantime, I'll keep pushing for the November deadline Grant and I are both facing to meet at the Scottsdale Goodguys show for the Build-Off's finale.