Armed And Dangerous
New from Early Classic Enterprises is their drop-center crossmember and rectangular tubing trailing arm kit for '63-72 GM trucks. The new center crossmember, also known as the trailing arm crossmember, offers 2.5 inches more ground clearance, a raised driveline hoop, and passage for an exhaust up to 3-inch-diameter. This powdercoated beast is fabricated from 1/4-inch-thick laser-cut and formed steel plate to be stronger and more functional than the factory unit it replaces. The heavy-duty replacement trailing arms feature a one-piece heavy-wall construction engineered to handle serious horsepower. These ultra clean-looking replacement arms are supplied with new U-bolts, coil spring retainers, polygraphite bushings, an integrated emergency brake cable bracket, and all necessary hardware. Designed to install in the original location without modification, these American-made beauties are completely TIG welded and powdercoated to provide a lifetime of rust-free service. These parts are available in a kit or individually. For more info, contact Early Classic Enterprises at 559-291-1611, or visit

Bolt And Go
Speedway Motors now offers a safe and affordable bolt-on disc brake kit for '37-47 Ford 1/2-ton pickups. The Speedway kit is designed to easily install big 11 3/4-inch disc brake rotors and GM-style calipers on your original '37-47 axle while retaining the original Ford 5 on 5.5-inch bolt circle. The deluxe kit includes new rotors, rebuilt calipers, caliper brackets, pads, bearings, seals, and all required hardware. A basic kit is also available that includes just brackets and a parts list of components you can source from your local parts store or salvage yard. The kit will work with spindles having either original steering arms or flat-steel steering arms; it will not work with forged aftermarket steering arms. Wheels must have a 3 7/16-inch center hole and be designed for disc brake applications. For more info, call Speedway Motors at 800-979-0122, or visit

Black Magic
New from Black Magic is Titanium Wheel Cleaner. The new Titanium Wheel Cleaner gently and effectively cleans wheels by removing brake dust, grease, grime, oil, and road film in one easy step. The fast-acting, technologically advanced formula is as safe and gentle for your wheel's surface as soap and water, but with stronger cleansing and shine agents for use on all wheel types, including high-end performance aluminum and chrome wheels. For more information on the new Titanium line from the car care specialists at Black Magic, visit

Classic Chevy 5-Speed has added a new five-speed Tremec TKO conversion kit to its lineup of manual overdrive transmission offerings for '60-72 GM trucks. Each kit includes a new Tremec TKO five-speed overdrive transmission, custom-made tubular crossmember, roller pilot bearing, polyurethane transmission mount, custom speedometer cable, complete driveshaft, factory-style electrical connectors, as well as complete hardware and instructions for an at-home installation. Contact Classic Chevy 5-Speed at 760-438-2244, or visit them at

Clear And Present Danger
Brothers works hard to create new items for your truck to set it apart from the crowd, and that's why Brothers is proud to announce the release of clear taillight lenses for your '60-66 Fleetside Chevy and GMC truck. These new lenses will help give your truck a modern "euro" look when matched with other clear lenses and custom lights available through Brothers. For more info, contact Brothers Trucks at 800-977-2767, or visit

Mount Up
Performance Online, Inc. has expanded their classic truck product line by offering a rear-mount aluminum fuel tank for '73-87 Chevrolet C-10/C-20 trucks. These fuel tanks locate behind the rear axle and offer increased fuel capacity, safety, and replace the factory-recalled side-saddle tank. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum, these tanks offer a lightweight design and are fully baffled. The kit includes a 19-gallon aluminum fuel tank, all mounting hardware, and is available in a bed-fill configuration. For more information, contact Performance Online, Inc. at 800-638-1703, or visit

Work It Out
Watson's StreetWorks has conjured up a one-piece flush-mount LED taillight kit with a whopping 120 super-bright LEDs. The LEDs are dual intensity for taillights and brake/turn signals and pre-mounted in an aluminum housing. The sleek red lens with an attached diffuser measures 30 3/4x1/2-inch-wide for a killer smooth, uninterrupted look. This kit works in surfaces with gradual curvatures up to approximately 2 1/2 inches. Known for detail, Watson's also includes an aluminum spacer box to fill the gap created by the body curvature and to seal out dirt and water. For more info, call Watson's StreetWorks at 860-859-0513, or visit

Anyone For Roulette?
bonspeed's popular Roulette-style gauges are now available in a 5-inch-diameter speedometer and tach. The new size adds a wider selection to the popular line that includes speedometer, tachometer, air-ride, boost pressure, fuel, oil, temp, and volt gauges. bonspeed Roulette-style gauges are manufactured to bonspeed's standards in the USA by Classic Instruments. Gauges are sold separately or packaged in a six-piece set. All popular accessories and sending units are available. Gauges are electronic and offer full adjustability, making installation easy. For more information, call bonspeed at 888-999-7258, or visit CCT

Replace rubber hydraulic hoses with StopFlex stainless steel braided hoses from Classic Tube. Classic Tube's pre-made hose sections can be ordered to the length you need for your particular hydraulic application. Choose a length in "even" inches from 6-60 inches, and build your own hose ends by selecting from a wide variety of Classic Tube screw-in fittings. StopFlex stainless steel braided hoses are a multi-layer design comprised of a Teflon inner hose, a Kevlar braid layer, and elastomer construction. Stainless steel wire braid completes the hose. For added durability, a clear vinyl covering prevents dirt getting into the braid. Each pre-made hose section uses crimp/swage fittings. Classic Tube is a manufacturer and supplier of pre-bent replacement hard lines, StopFlex stainless braided hoses, bulk tubing, tools, and accessories. For more information, call Classic Tube at 800-882-3711, or visit

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