Classic Chevy 5-Speed has added a new five-speed Tremec TKO conversion kit to its lineup of manual overdrive transmission offerings for '60-72 GM trucks. Each kit includes a new Tremec TKO five-speed overdrive transmission, custom-made tubular crossmember, roller pilot bearing, polyurethane transmission mount, custom speedometer cable, complete driveshaft, factory-style electrical connectors, as well as complete hardware and instructions for an at-home installation. Contact Classic Chevy 5-Speed at 760-438-2244, or visit them at

Clear And Present Danger
Brothers works hard to create new items for your truck to set it apart from the crowd, and that's why Brothers is proud to announce the release of clear taillight lenses for your '60-66 Fleetside Chevy and GMC truck. These new lenses will help give your truck a modern "euro" look when matched with other clear lenses and custom lights available through Brothers. For more info, contact Brothers Trucks at 800-977-2767, or visit

Mount Up
Performance Online, Inc. has expanded their classic truck product line by offering a rear-mount aluminum fuel tank for '73-87 Chevrolet C-10/C-20 trucks. These fuel tanks locate behind the rear axle and offer increased fuel capacity, safety, and replace the factory-recalled side-saddle tank. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum, these tanks offer a lightweight design and are fully baffled. The kit includes a 19-gallon aluminum fuel tank, all mounting hardware, and is available in a bed-fill configuration. For more information, contact Performance Online, Inc. at 800-638-1703, or visit