Normally, when one lives by The Jeffersons' motto of movin' on up, there won't be any arguments. However, if we're talking about a gas tank in a classic truck and its up-front easy livin' location, suddenly living the high life doesn't sound so great. As it turns out, sittin' on top of a Molotov cocktail mounted in your classic truck's cab isn't exactly a peaceful feeling. For that reason, the safe money is on yanking that gas tank out of the cab and installing a No Limit Engineering aluminum gas tank out back.

Moving the gas tank out of your '67-72 Chevy truck's cab and mounting a No Limit tank makes more sense than the rising gas prices (no pun intended). For one, the relocated tank handles the safety factor. Although the odds are rather slim, there is a chance of serious injury due to a gas fire or explosion if you get T-boned and the tank goes up in flames. With the tank out back, it gives you a much greater distance from a potential accident and a better overall state of mind when you're driving down the road trying to steer clear of Ricky Racer bobbing in and out of traffic. A second benefit is that with the gas tank removed, you get some much needed cargo space in the cab, where you could install a stereo system, reclining seat, cooler, or anything you want, for that matter. A third is that you can shave off that ugly filler neck killing the flowing lines of the truck, and that's just a couple of bullet points.

No Limit Engineering in San Bernandino, California, has designed their tanks for an exact fit and easy installation. The tanks are constructed from .090-gauge aluminum and are welded in the No Limit shop to ensure quality. They are also fully baffled to prevent slosh and are made to fit underneath the bed between the frame-rails behind the rear axle. All tanks come with mount straps, hardware, output fittings, a vent kit filler option, and instructions. Not to mention they look way cool. No Limit also gives you the option to have your filler at the top of the tank or to the side if you want to make a custom fuel door.

When it comes to installing the tank, it's a matter of drilling six holes and bolting it to the frame. After that, you make a new fuel line and you're good to go. Also, No Limit has tanks for a variety of years and makes of trucks, and if they don't have an off-the-shelf unit, they can build you a custom one-off with the provided dimensions.

For this install, we headed down to the Primedia Tech Center, where Project Get Shorty sat ready for battle. It took my brother Chance and I nearly four hours to complete the install, which was partly due to the fact that there was no bed on the truck. However, one cool thing about the No Limit tank is that it can be installed with the bed on the truck since the tank mounts on the bed's underside, and No Limit gives you the appropriate hardware.

No Limit Engineering Inline Tube
33783 Groesbeck
MI  48026
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