Everything we did to the Big 10 transformed it into an incredibly pleasurable truck to drive at high speeds for mile after mile through the desert's summer heat. The Coker tires and CPP trailing arm suspension were definitely superior to the original equipment it replaced. Our first night out we pulled into Grants, New Mexico, the halfway point where we'd meet up with the Painless guys in Elk City, Oklahoma, the next night. Even though time was tight, we dropped off of US 40 and cruised old Route 66 every time we spotted a business loop. It was kind of cool how the tourists would flock to the Coker whitewalls whenever we stopped for gas. As soon as we had answered the usual questions about the Big 10 and its 16-gallon gas tank was full, it was back out on the interstate to run with the big dogs.

Like any TV show worth watching again, we think we have some pretty neat segments coming up on the Big 10. In case you missed it, we debuted the Big 10 in last month's September issue with the installation of a Gear Star 4L60E automatic overdrive transmission, and elsewhere in this issue we picked up over 42 extra horsepower with just a new DUI distributor, spark plugs, wires, and a carburetor rebuild. We'll resist the corny "tune in next month" clich and just say we look forward to you joining us next time.

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