Starting with the spark plugs, we pulled out a set of worn-out Autolite 26 spark plugs and screwed in eight brand-new Autolite 26 plugs. Next in line was to replace the Big 10's set of crummy generic plug wires with a custom-fit set of LiveWires. Of course, these improvements would be in vain if we didn't upgrade the quality of the spark being fed to them. Our finishing touch on the ignition system was to replace the stock Delco-Remy HEI distributor with Performance Distributors' Street/Strip GM DUI distributor, complete with its lethal 50,000-volt integral coil.

From here the only other modification we made to the Big 10's 350-inch engine was to have Sean Murphy, the "King of Quadrajets," at Sean Murphy Induction (SMI) rebuild our original Quadrajet and incorporate a few of his high-performance tricks into it.

After an easy-to-do installation of Performance Distributors' DUI, LiveWires, and a set of Autolite spark plugs followed up with plopping on the SMI-prepared Qaudrajet, we hopped in the Big 10 and took another shot at the dyno. The results were absolutely incredible: our output to the rear wheels had jumped to an amazing 164.2 horsepower, a whopping increase of 46.2 horsepower.