For the Bulletside Build-Off front suspension on our Gasser-style '72 Ford F-100, there really isn't going to be a lot of deviation from a stock F-100. In fact, one could even say we're going to stick with a stock F-100's front brakes. For the basis of our '72's front brake setup, we opted to dump the front drum brake arrangement that saw its last year of service for F-100s in '72 and adopt the factory setup introduced on the '73 model-year trucks that continued until '79.

Of course, if we were building a real Gasser intended to be used primarily at the dragstrip, we would maintain the drum brakes because these offer a very slight decrease in rolling resistance, but that's not what we are after. Disc brakes will continue to work after driving through water, and they are considerably superior when it comes to resisting brake fade. There are several ways to go about obtaining a set of '73-79 disc brakes-you can scrounge around the junkyards and hope to find a set to rebuild, or you can give the guys at Classic Performance Products a call.

Next on our list of frontend goodies to give our '72 an authentic Gasser look was to round up the perfect wheel/tire combination, and there's nothing that says mid-'60s drag racer like a pair of M/T ET front tires mounted on a pair of skinny 4-inch-wide Cragar S/S wheels.

Classic Performance Products
175 East Freedom Avenue
CA  92801
Cragar Wheels
LMC Truck
M/T Performance Tires & Wheels
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