So far, things are going pretty quick and smooth on Project Get Shorty. The frame is down to its rightful length, and the Air Ride Technologies suspension, sans electric work, is installed. It only seems logical to keep things moving in the forward direction. Without missing a beat, the next step is to finish up at each corner.

Now sure, the suspension has been brought up to par, but the truck is still missing one key component-brakes. Granted, the truck did come stock with discs up front and drums out back, which really aren't too shabby, but in the roundabout world of Los Angeles, I think I'd rather bet on four-wheel discs to keep my truck from looking like Stromboli's accordion. On top of that, by the time I rebuilt the factory brakes, I'd still be looking at a solid chunk of man-hours and a stack of cash. On the other hand, I could install four-wheel discs, which will take about the same amount of time, won't cost a whole heck of a lot more, and will be a much better setup. Therefore, I might as well ante up and bring Shorty to the level of modern-day vehicles.

In the world of Chevy trucks, there are more aftermarket companies than there are options at a Vegas buffet. One company you are sure to stumble across when looking for aftermarket performance parts and accessories is Performance Online (POL) in Fullerton, California. One could say POL is a one-stop shop when it comes to rebuilding a classic Chevy truck, which made them the perfect candidate for this install.